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Huawei Ascend (2.1) Not charging.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by diabeticjeff, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. diabeticjeff

    diabeticjeff Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Just bought this yesterday, charged it yesterday. Now it won't charge at all. I've tried multiple ways of charging. None work. :(

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  2. Italia

    Italia Lurker

    Did you use the charger that comes with the phone? Also, did you charge it to the wall or car?
  3. WaCaSo

    WaCaSo Lurker

    Most likely, he did like I did when I got mine yesterday and just plugged it in without installing the battery, assuming the one wrapped in plastic with the accessories was a spare.

    lol...it's not....stuff happens :)
  4. Italia

    Italia Lurker

    WaCaSo, are you saying yours is also not charging after you have plugged the charger to Ascend without a battery in it?
  5. DaTexter

    DaTexter Newbie

    That happened to me when i first bought the phone I took it to cricket and they checked both the charger and the phone and came up with the conclusion that I had a defective charger. They simply gave me another charger and it worked just fine. diabeticjeff maybe you should do the same.
  6. flarestrike

    flarestrike Lurker

    Got the phone brand new and everything works just fine. Charged it last night, unplugged and came to work, now it wont charge at all. Taking it to the store to get checked out. Wont charge and wont register usb on computer either.
  7. willard41

    willard41 Lurker

    same thing happend to me. it turned out that the micro usb cord was fitting so tight it pulled one of the usb port pins off on the phone. the pins are very small but if you hold port to the light you can see them shine.no shine no pin. look for empty spots as there are about 6 to 8 in a row
  8. rshuford

    rshuford Lurker

    I bought my ascend back in december and it has worked great until just recently I plugged it in and it will not charge. I have considered it to possibly be a problem with the battery. It is not the charger itself, I have pluggedd the charger (wall charger) into another phone and it works just fine.
  9. hyperion127

    hyperion127 Lurker

    About a month ago my Ascend stopped charging. When the charger was plugged in the percent charge would go up to about 35% then slowly drop until the phone was no longer charged. It showed as charging but no power was making it to the battery. Here's what I tried...

    Three years ago I read about a trick to fix a Blackberry problem so I tried it here. Turned the phone on and made sure it was done booting. Then, with the phone ON, removed the battery. I let the phone sit in that state overnight and then put the battery back in. The phone charged normally after that.

    Had the same problem happen yesterday. Again, removed the battery while the phone was ON and let it sit for about 2 hours. Then, put it all back together and it charges fine.

    Word of caution...your mileage may vary and I make no guarantees this will work for you. But, for me it's worked twice.

  10. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Extreme Android User


    good share bud...hope this helps peoples with there charging issue, but if it doesnt, i would flash back to stock and take it in for replacement.
  11. Propagandroid

    Propagandroid Lurker

    ive had my ascend since January/Feb and today its had issues charging. i believe it to be a fitting issue with the mini usb port on the phone. i believe this because it will charge if i slightly alter the angle of the chord into the phone. if i release the chord it will stop charging. anyone else experience this?
  12. Darksyde

    Darksyde Newbie

    for what its worth this happened to both mine and my wifes ascend. Once we took them in we were told of a known issue with charging ports just all of a sudden not working. So I reverted mine to stock and took it back along with the wifes. 2 new phones no questions asked.
  13. twstde

    twstde Newbie

    I bought my ascend in november and a few weeks ago, it stopped charging. the lady at cricket said that she has had many ascend phones being replaced because of a flaw in the charging port with it falling inwards and not charging. luckily when i bought the phone, there was a one-year warranty.
    they should replace the phone.
  14. scottioti

    scottioti Lurker

    I keep having issues with my cables not charging, I buy a new cable about once every three moths. Same issue with my old phone. Those micro usb's are fragile. But a new cable always does the trick for me. Luckily not the phone port that's goes out.
  15. tdobynes

    tdobynes Lurker

    Me and my wife both have these phones and its gotten to a point where hers doesnt charge at all,(after trying all the tricks in the book), so she has to get another, mine recently just started charging very slowly...it takes about 12 hours each time to charge it which is ridiculous. it'll charge , wen its off up to 6%, then it takes another 10 to 12 hours to reach 100%, if anybody has any other suggestions i would appreciate it, but from wat ive seen im considering getting a new one or a different phone
  16. Diablo2k

    Diablo2k Member

    I just bought 3 new cables from monoprice.com, with shipping they were only $7. Not sure where your getting yours but I love monoprice, there cables are always top notch.
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  17. Emmycakes

    Emmycakes Lurker

    my phone wont charge at all anymore. my phones always do this to me and i have only had this phone for about 4 months :mad:

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