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Root Huawei Ascend Users - What you can and cannot remove!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Jazziette, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. Jazziette

    Jazziette Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    If you are planning to root your Ascend and you don't know what you can and cannot remove, check out the link below. This covers all the bases:

    Stock Android Apps List - What you can and cannot remove!

    When in doubt...leave it out!


    Note: This covers the bases with ALL Androids so you may see some apps that do not apply to you at all.


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  2. ventovic

    ventovic Member

    leave it out is what you spout....that's what I'm going to do with out a doubt...lol :D. Thanks for the link
  3. Jazziette

    Jazziette Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    LMAO ventovic!!! LOL

    It's just sooo easy to uninstall and then you have the devil to pay to get those suckers back!

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  4. starr1048

    starr1048 Well-Known Member

    Jazziette r u a Cricket User ?
    cuz i notice some app are not in my metro Phone
    Like MetroPCS Wifi
    do i need that since i use wifi alot at home ?
    Checking Service 2.1
    My Events
    Fireware Update
    Sync Foods 2.1
    CallStatisticsUtils 1.0
    My Uploads 1.5.9
    DRM Protected Content Storage 2
    DrmDialog 2.1
    DebugScreen 1.0
    ProjectMenuAct Huawei.Openos.b <----- i cant see the whole name
    MMI Test II
    Secirotu Result
    FactoryProvider 1.0.0
    OMA Download 1.0
    Enterainment 1.0

    LoL why do i have so much stuff on my metro phone ????
  5. Jazziette

    Jazziette Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    These apps are generic to ALL Android phones so some will not be in either Cricket or MetroPCS Ascends.

    But you should be able to find ALL of your apps in here.

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  6. rlugo29

    rlugo29 Android Enthusiast

    I'm also wondering if some of these could be deleted.
  7. Jazziette

    Jazziette Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Rlugo, that would be fine. If you want to go through the list at the link and refine it for us, and send it to me I will change the OP on the thread.

    I was going to do that but when I got into it became so tedious I just gave up. LOL

    But please...be my guest!!!

  8. rlugo29

    rlugo29 Android Enthusiast

    I wasn't volunteering to update the list in the link. I was just wondering if some of the ones on starr's list could be removed as they are not in the list in the link.
  9. Jazziette

    Jazziette Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Ohhhhh......I see what you mean. Maybe we could get her to edit her post.

    Good point! Very good point!

  10. rlugo29

    rlugo29 Android Enthusiast

    Not removed from her list, silly. Removed from my phone. LOL:rolleyes:
  11. Jazziette

    Jazziette Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    LMAO!!! OH!!! I don't think you have any of those do you?

    hahahaha Sowwwwwwwwwy!!! :p
  12. rlugo29

    rlugo29 Android Enthusiast

    Actually, yes I do. That's why I want to know if I could get rid of some...
  13. Jazziette

    Jazziette Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Well, it's really only safe to remove what is on the list in the step by step rooting guide. Other than that we can't guarantee it won't create problems for you. That list was created after several weeks of experimentation with both Cricket and MetroPCS users.

    But there have been some exceptions.

    Just be careful! :)
  14. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Android Expert

    Other than random apps i got and deleted here is a list of what I've removed.

    On my metro:

    Metro 411
    Android keyboard
    Music player
    Voice dialer
    Metro navigator
    Boingo wifi
    Metropcs easy wifi
    Metro web
    Pocket express
    Virtual card
    Mobile I'm
    Google skymap

    Crap! I just deleted a bunch of data for things i didn't have app back ups for and titbu refreshed and deleted my list o stuff!
    Will complete after i find a screen shot it list of all things shown by titbu on a metro phone.
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  15. Has the link moved? I am unable to get to it...

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