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Huawei Ascend wont make any sound!!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jennmarie84, May 15, 2011.

  1. jennmarie84

    jennmarie84 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hello All! I have had for phone for about 6 months and it has decided that it doesn't want to make any noise what so ever. No ringing, to notification alerts, no music player, nothing. The volume is all the way up on everything, but still nothing.

    I have tried turning it off, taking the battery out. changing the ringtone. nothing works. When a call comes in I get an icon at the top next to the 3G/1X icon that is a little microphone with a slash through it.

    Any ideas on how to get sound back on my phone? I have not installed any new apps or downloaded anything recently.


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  2. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Extreme Android User

    you on stock 2.1? also sounds like a defected phone, might want to check out your carrier for another phone.
  3. jennmarie84

    jennmarie84 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    it is stock, nothing special done to it. It did this before and the Cricket guy did a complete reboot on it and that seemed to fix the problem for a while. I really want to avoid doing that as I lose everything in the phone if they do that.
  4. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Extreme Android User

    ok backup your contacts to sdcard or either gmail, and you can download titu to backup your apps, if they are paid apps you will not loose them cause they are on you gmail account...and do a factory reset, if that doesnt work i would suggest getting them to give you another phone cause that shouldnt be happening.
  5. Gmash

    Gmash Extreme Android User

    The little icon on the notification bar makes it sound like you accidentally put it on silent mode somehow. Try long pressing the power button and see if it says silent mode on, or slide the unlock thing on the home screen backwards.

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