Feb 9, 2011
My DH let me try out his new Huawei and I loved it but the problem is with my DH phone I am not able to text cause I cannot use my finger nails. Is there a way I can use my finger nails?Maybe change the settings to make it more sensitive? If not,I have no idea what new phone to get.
I had a feeling it was Dear somethingorother, but for whatever reason I just didn't connect the Husband part.

Can't say I've heard anything about those phones, myself. However, I would recommend googling both phones and reading some reviews to see what other people have to say. I always read comments, which drives my DW (Dear Wife) crazy, LOL. I pay attention to the reviewer's notes, but not so much if the majority of opinions by the commenters say otherwise. I prefer the common man's (or woman's) opinion over someone who is paid to write a review.

I would also recommend going to the store and asking them to let you check out a live phone. My wife did this and was allowed to test the Ascend and another phone, and that helped her immensely in being able to see what they actually do.
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You're more than welcome. Don't let them give you any crap either. If they want to be stingy and not let you play with a phone, ask them if they know what it looks like to see their commission walk out the door, then start slowly turning around.....
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I use an app called Better Keyboard. It replaces the stock Android keyboard. It is very accurate and is not slow/Laggy at all. Other people also recommend Smart Keyboard but I have not tried this.