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Huawei Fusion (U8652) Roms, C7 mod & root!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Demon edge, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Demon edge

    Demon edge Newbie
    Thread Starter


    I just bought two of these phones about a week ago from walmart and there seems to be very little information about hacking this phone. The most information I have been able to find out is from the spanish forums.

    First thing that you want to do is root your phone. I have done this twice with this method and it has worked great both times.


    This is the method that worked for me. It was already stated in another thread on this forum:

    QUOTE from : charliedrums....

    "Here is what I did: (this tutorial was done by sd_james over at xda developers)
    1. You need to install the latest Android SDK (search google for latest version)

    2. download SuperOneClick v2.3.3

    3. Follow the instructions and make sure that you have set your Settings > Development > USB Debugging box checked. I also set Unknown sources checkbox on.

    4. Type in the following code on the phone keypad

    *#*# 2846579 #*#*

    This will open up the Service Mode
    Go to Project Menu > Background Settings > Log Settings
    Turn on Log Switch and set Log Level Settings to Verbose

    go back one screen

    Go to Dump and Log and place a check in all log settings.

    Reboot the phone

    After reboot use superoneclick2.3.3
    In superoneclick on the general tab click the root button and wait for it.

    This is what worked for me.""

    2) After your root, you want to install the Clockwork mod for this phone. (To do the back up for your rom and also install this will enable you to install custom Roms for this phone.)

    To do this you must:

    TURN off the phone. Install the drivers for your computer so that the phone will be recognized. \

    Driver download:


    You also want to download the clockwork mod:


    Once you download the drivers and the clockword mod. Run "instalador.bat" Press any key and it will say "waiting for device."

    Turn off your phone and connect the USB cable (**MAKE SURE DRIVERS WORK (AKA YOU CAN USE THE USB FILE TRANSFER TO SD, ETC**)

    The instalador.bat command prompt should recognize your phone and install a custom file on the phone that will enable a custom recovery boot if you press volume down +power for 10 seconds (while phone is off)

    3) Installing rom

    There are many roms for the U8650 sonic. This is the father model for the U8652. It seems there is no difference in the firmware in regards to updating it via roms.

    The ROM that I am currently using is CyanogenMod-7.2.0 - benru89 v3.0 - FM Radio, Android 2.3.7..

    It seems very stable. The theme looks great and even upgraded my android version from 2.3.4 to 2.3.7. HBO Go works now!!

    Here is the link to this file from the spanish forum..


    You want to install this file on the root of your sd card.

    4) Installing the ROM

    Turn off the phone. Press power +volume down for 10 seconds. This will boot the phone in recovery mode. Delete the user data/ data cache/ dalvik cache.

    Choose the option to install from sd card and choose the zip that you just downloaded.

    Wait for the install to complete.. and Viola! Now you have the fusion rooted & with a custom rom with Cynogen 7.2! I have 82mb ram free and only 3-4mb used on my system data.

    The phone flies through anything now!

    I hope this post was useful to someone.. It took me a few days to find out what to do and to research everything..

    BTW..GrooveIP is awesome!! I can make/recieve free calls & txt via Google Voice at no charge!!

  2. Lebo

    Lebo Member

    Nice recap there, however the mutiupload link to the drivers is dead ( at least for me) and I never downloaded it so I don't have it to reupload.

    I use a modified version of the Benru v2 as it has been more stable for me but I am always looking. Some of the turkish roms are looking promising. If you are going to stick around a while and are obviously also looking at non-english sources,maybe we should do a rom spotlight sort of thing every week or two for folks coming here. Share our opinions which I hope will differ to some degree. Let me know.
  3. u8652 rooted

    u8652 rooted Lurker

    i am going to try benry, what modifications did you make?
  4. Demon edge

    Demon edge Newbie
    Thread Starter

    That sounds like a great idea. I will create a new thread that will have screenshots of the phone's vitals (ram, memory, apps, etc)

    I will also try to review it based on comparison to the Stock Rom.

    So far it seems far superior in almost all ways. I will try to write it up today or tommorrow when I have some free time.

    Maybe you could do a similar review of the Rom that you're using?

    I found a few other ROMs that looked promising. One was an ICS theme.

    I'll let you know what I found out

    Same goes for you too, u8652 rooted
  5. SlashQuit

    SlashQuit Newbie

    Thanks for sharing this. My initial problem was that my recovery image was broken (current latest cwm recovery doesn't boot on the U8652), but now you fixed that and got me on CM.

    FYI, the "About Phone" shows CM 7.1.0.
    I read that there is a way to correct the displayed phone "Model number" from U8650 to U8652. If you correct this in wherever ROM settings file it is, and maybe even the bootup image - I'd be interested in learning how to do this.

    The only odd behavior I've found so far is that I can't seem to boot to recovery without having the USB cable plugged in. Also if the USB is connected and I reboot - the phone regularly goes to the recovery menu even if I did not hold any buttons.
  6. Lebo

    Lebo Member

    That would be the build.prop file in the system folder of the rom. Simple change but purely cosmetic.
  7. charliedrums

    charliedrums Lurker

    Nice tutorial. I Installed the CyanogenMod-7.2.0 - benru89 v3.0 but I can’t connect to at&t 3g data network. Is it a setting I must enable to get my data working again?

    Hey I forgot to mention. I’m from Puerto Rico so my native language is Spanish. If you guys need some translation of any of the Spanish sites let me know and I will be happy to help out in any way I can.
  8. SlashQuit

    SlashQuit Newbie

    With this ROM, does the *#*# 2846579 #*#* no longer work?
    I have the above benru89 installed, but I am no longer able to get to the service menu. When I input *#*#2846579#*#* is just blanks the numbers and remains in the dialer window.
  9. Lebo

    Lebo Member

    I may very well not work with CM7. CM7 is already rooted. I'll load cm7 up and see what happens for me.
  10. Demon edge

    Demon edge Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Can I ask why do you want to go into the service menu? If your trying to un-root you can do it through super one click.

    If your trying to get into CWM (recovery mode) You can hold down the power button, you will see a series of prompts. Select "reboot" and choose recovery mode
  11. Demon edge

    Demon edge Newbie
    Thread Starter

  12. SlashQuit

    SlashQuit Newbie

    To check the status and options for unlocking the phone in the future, although it seems I'll have to wait 6 months before AT&T are obligated to give me an unlock code.
    I have T-Mobile on a non-smartphone, and wanted to test their network on this one.
  13. charliedrums

    charliedrums Lurker

    I figured it out. The problem was that the at&t APN settings were not configured on the phone. After I configured them my 3g was back. This guide helped me out in configuring the APN settings. How to Set Up AT&T 3G/4G APN Settings for Android on Unlocked International Phones! - YouTube
    Searching on some random Spanish sites I found a thread of a couple of people making a rom with android 4.0 for the Huawei U8650. I was going to try it out but it was very aerly in development and almost nothing worked on the phone. No wifi, phone, 3g, almost nothing. I didn’t bookmark the thread so I can’t link to it but when I find it again I’ll be sure to link it. On another note, I found this room on an Italian site. It’s a cyanogenmod v7.2, android 2.3.7 with an iOS Style theme. My Italian is a bit rusty but from what I could gather, the rom is “stable with overclock to 748 MHz but it can be used for a short time at 768Mhz”
    “Fluidity is still incredible even by setting the maximum frequency to 600Mhz without counting the Mobile Bravia Engine from Sony! In addition to the new video effects!”
    “I also added the app box which is a cloud storage service that allows you, once registered, to have 50GB of space if you inscribe by the end of March!”
    Here’s the download link iSBSY94_iOS_Style!-v2.0.zip
    The video demonstration Rom - Huawei Sonic - iSBSY94_iOS_Style!-v2.0.wmv - YouTube

    And the original thread [Custom Rom] iSBSY94_iOS_Style!-1.0 Versione Aggiornata, Stabile e Definitiva + Video - Vodafone Sonic / Huawei U8650 - Forum Android Italia - AndroidWorld.it

    Found it. It was on HTC mania all along. The beta rom is a MIUI Android 4.0.3 60mb free internal memory

    Here’s what works:
    Install apps
    MIUI apps
    The sensor (sometimes fails) –Does not say what sensor
    Charges and recognizes usb
    Official MIUI bootanimation
    touch buttons
    Fluid UI management
    Drivers OK
    Android 4.0.3
    New Adreno drivers 200

    What doesn’t work:
    USB storage
    When in lock screen it takes 10 seconds to turn on the display.

    Download http://www.4shared.com/zip/g1HQ3JGR/Lightning_Team_Huawei_United_M.html?refurl=d1url

    Original thread http://www.htcmania.com/showthread.php?t=345351
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  14. Thanks your root guide worked perfect except I had to do a factory restore to get my sd card working again. Any ideas on that problem. I also installed the rom and love it.
    My ram went from 30 MB to 98 MB Free and I got rid of the bloatware. I am also using it on straight talk and so far it works pretty good with unlimited everything. Thanks for the guide.
  15. SlashQuit

    SlashQuit Newbie

    A tip I learned today that I thought I'd share;

    After putting this mod on to two phones, we saw wifi problems (repeated disconnects) due to using the same wifi mac address.

    Here's how I changed the wifi mac address;
    1) Turn wifi off.
    2) Launch root explorer, navigate to /system/wifi/
    3) Mount as rw (by clicking the "mount rw" button, top right)
    4) Long press on nvram.txt - open it in the text editor.
    5) Adjust the line that begins; macaddr=
    (I put in the mac address that my fusion had when it was on the stock at&t rom).
    6) Hit menu key, save + exit.

    At this point wifi can be re-enabled and it will use the new mac address. The settings sticks after a reboot but will probably be reset if you do a factory reset / wipe user data.

    Next time, I'll modify the file inside the .zip before I copy it to the sd card.
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  16. SlashQuit

    SlashQuit Newbie

    Demon edge - so I have to say again, thanks for the post. This mod has been awesome.
    (This is my first android, I've had it for less than 2 weeks, and this was my first installation of a mod.)

    I'm convinced now that the version you linked to was 7.1.0 (not 7.2.0). In the last couple of days, certain other threads and resources have gone crazy with the newly released 7.2.0 RC1.

    Sadly, there is no Sonic (or Fusion) maintainer, and I'm clueless on what is required to take a version and make it compatible for the Sonic or Fusion. I'd love to be able to contribute, but my knowledge is not yet at that level.

    Do you have a resource, or can you request/query to wherever you obtained the 7.1.0 build if there will be one for 7.2.0 RC2? (Here's where I'm supposed to pester someone to have them push the sonic/fusion as an unofficial build to the CM group.)
  17. seregacom

    seregacom Lurker

    can you post settings for straight talk?
  18. Demon edge

    Demon edge Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thats correct. I have confirmed it is actually 7.1.0 also .. Here is the direct link to the post where I got this rom:

    CyanogenMod-7.2.0 -- benru89 v3.0 -- Radio FM , Android 2.3.7 - HTCMania

    Several people have asked benru89 to update it to the 7.2.0 RC2 but he seems that he hasn't yet replied to their requests.

    There are some other "7.2.0" roms out there on that forum that I haven't tried yet. I have been so busy with work and family that I haven't had a chance.

    I would also like to get into cooking my own rom but it seems very time consuming and there are very limited resources/tools available for one to do so.

    Let me know if you find anything else out. I'm glad I was able to be of some help
  19. episodic

    episodic Lurker

    Im an android newb, so go easy.

    I 'only' want to root so I can uninstall the garbage that is on this phone. I'd like to uninstall the facebook, twitter, vlingo, etc. Do I have to do all of the cyanogenmod stuff - or just the superoneclick? I have the att go phone version of the fusion. Basically, I just want to free up internal storage so that I can use my eyefi program better (it save to internal by default).

    I have no real interest in modding other than freeing up space. Thanks.
  20. Abe6

    Abe6 Lurker

    hey guys im new to android forum thank u all for ur efforts
    my friend sent me huawei u8652 at&t but it asks for unlock sim block #
    i've tried u8650 rom so i could use a fresh rom and it wont ask for unlock code
    it worked but seems like the most important thing doesnt work like network:thinking:
    please help me find rom for huawei u8652 or if some1 can customize u8650 rom that works with 8652
  21. Lebo

    Lebo Member

    Flash CWM, backup your rooted rom, them flash the slimmed down AT&T mod I posted in the main area. Should suit your needs and allow you to go back to original when/if you need.
  22. Lebo

    Lebo Member

    AT&T is the only ones that can help you with sim block codes. To generate a sim block error you are using a sim card that is "locked" to another phone's IMEI number. You will need to have AT&T remove the lock from your sim or transfer the sim's lock to the new phone. This is 100% an AT&T thing, not the phones fault.
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  23. Abe6

    Abe6 Lurker

    What if i use DC-Unlocker Unlock phone, modem or data card with DC-unlocker software to unlock it
    is it trusted?
  24. Flarex13

    Flarex13 Lurker

    Hi everyone
    I have a question why doesnt the enter unlock code not show up anymore i have sucessfully rooted the huawei U8652 and got the rom installed i think i have found the unlock code searchin the dev\block\platform\msm_sdcc.1\mmcblk0 archive but when i enter another sim to try it out it doesnt ask me to enter the unlock code? Is there a way to access this option with a code?
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  25. Abe6

    Abe6 Lurker

    hey flarex
    where did u get u8652 rom
    i need it
    and what do u mean by "the unlock code is not shown any more" ? does ur phone accept any sim without unlock code?

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