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Huawei Mate 20 lite, honor play or honor 10

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Teye01, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. Teye01

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    Hey there,

    This is me first post. I want to have a new phone, but I am doubting between three phones:
    Huawei Mate 20 lite
    Honor play
    Honor 10
    I don't really have a preference and I am not that much of an expert to know which one would be better. I like that the honor 10 is smaller, but I think it is annoying that the fingerprint is on the front.
    Which one would you choose and why? Do you have any suggestion for other phones, maybe?


  2. mikedt

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    I assume you're in a country where these phones are available and are compatible with your carrier. Huawei Mate 10 is what I've got, and definitely recommend it. Has headphone jack, 6GB RAM, 128GB internal, has micro-SD, no notch, very fast Kirin 970 SoC, great camera. front fingerprint reader which is what I prefer anyway.

    I also have a Samsung Galaxy S7 as well that was given to me, but had to get the front glass replaced. This is a good phone as well, but definitely prefer the Huawei for daily use.
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  3. Also the Honor View 10 has great specs (128/6, Kirin 970, h/p jack, large battery) and is now a good price here in the UK, from a January or February release. However it has been surpassed I guess by the new even cheaper Honor Mate (64/4) so that would probably what I would go for, though I have a thing for the View 10.
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  4. Teye01

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    Thank you! Definitely taking it into consideration.
    But from the above three, which one would you choose?

    @tonymddn do you mean the honor (and in the case, which one), or the mate 20 lite?
  5. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    Honor 10 apparently lacks a micro-SD slot. Apart from that, it's a bit of an eeny, meeny, miny, moe... to me. These are all basically mid-range devices from Huawei, and myself don't much of an interest in them as much as I'm interested in their top-of-the-line ones. Needless to say I'm in China, and I'm absolutely spoiled for choice with China phones from all manufacturers.
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  6. mmm Sorry I've had to edit myself mentioning the Honor Play (not Mate) before.
    With the Motorola G6/G5 Play it's all confusing. :p
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  7. https://m.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone1=9230&idPhone2=9098


    I don't know which is better in the flesh, but the Honor Play wins the specs game slightly, for a similar price in the UK, though its slightly taller if that's a concern.
    Top end Kirin SoC, until the Mate 20 / Pro launch the Kirin 980,, is newer and has EMUI 8.2 with Android 8.1, though that will change with updates no doubt.
    I haven't seen the Honor Play yet. I really liked using the View 10.

    I would love the Mate 20 Pro with an Amoled screen, but I gave up buying flagship devices and work is not paying.

    If I had cash suddenly in my pocket I would buy a Honor View 10 today as I was smitten, and am a little crazy. I had two Samsungs and three Motorolas and I think Huawei / Honor are kicking the mid tier devices right now.
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  8. Teye01

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    Thank you, both, once again. It is probably going to be the play, however I just saw the Pocophone f1. It really is better than the play, but it's just not my kind of beauty (I just think it is kind of ugly).
    Would you prefer beauty over performance? I am not really a gamer or anything. The main thing I use my phone for is Instagram, Facebook, some school stuff, PowerPoint, word, Spotify, YouTube, an occasional small game, WhatsApp, mail, Sonos, messenger, 9gag, Pokemon go (lol, I am outdated) and chrome. And some other random apps at time. I just want a steady phone.

    Would it mind choosing the Play over the Pocophone in terms of these apps I use?
    You guys are really amazing for helping me this much!
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  9. Don't know what to tell you, they're all great. I might be persuaded slightly on looks, or it's performance in store, but I think I can overcome that temptation.

    I like that the Moto G6 / G6 Plus are no longer the go to choice for the money.

    You can't go far wrong with any, though I don't know how well Xiaomi is supported where you live.
    Thr View 10 is the oldest, I think, but still quite new.

    All depends on which other criteria are important to you. I like the aluminum back of the View 20, it's large battery and top end SoC. The fact it has 6gb ram, and 128 storage (which I don't need) are bonuses. My carrier does the Honor 10 though, and I would be almost as happy with that. Slightly better camera tha than the View 10, which is a weak point.

    The Pocophone looks fantastic value for the spec, but you might be equally happy with the Mate 20 Lite with it's new mid rqnge SoC, as the K970 /sd 845 are overkill.

    I don't play games at all, but the Honor Play makes the most sense for me. All much of a muchness and what your budget and pricing are where you live.
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