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Huawei Model U8180 locked on version 2.2.2, kernel

Discussion in 'Huawei' started by Toptab, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. Toptab

    Toptab Lurker
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    Good evening everyone.

    I have a Huawei Model U8180 locked on Android version 2.2.2, kernel and now Whatsapp does not work because it says my Android version is too old.

    I still have 6 months left on my phone contract.

    It's Mexico network IUSACELL.

    Is their a way I can manually upgrade Android so I can continue using whatsapp through to the end of my contract when I can get a new phone?

    It's an entry level smartphone so I would only want to bump up to the oldest version that whatsapp will work with.

    Many thanks

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