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Huawei P9 lite "Update Ideas"

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Flambo, Aug 6, 2017.


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  1. Flambo

    Flambo Lurker
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    I feel like the Huawei P9 lite could use some helpful ideas from the android community to make it better. It's highly likely that anything posted here won't actually be added to the Huawei phone buy you can always hope!!!

    My Update Ideas:
    Song Lyrics-
    First: If you have a notification show up on your lock screen the lyrics of your song won't show.
    Fix- Have the lyrics show even when there is a notification on the lock screen.
    Second: The Huawei music player completely ignores the milliseconds in the timestamp in .lrc files.
    Fix- The music player should read the mill0iseconds in the .lrc file and make the next line play accordingly.
    Third: The music player skips blank lines(with timestamps) in .lrc files. This becomes really annoying when there is a part in the song where there isn't singing and just music, the words get highlighted so slowly but the person is already done singing that line.
    Fix- Music player should recognize the blank lines in a .lrc file and make the previous line get highlighted up until the timestamp

    So those are my update Ideas. Post anything if you have any Update Ideas too! :)

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