Help Huawei S7-951wd (Telpad) USB OTG problem


***sorry for posting here dont know if its the same, can't find my own model***

I have this Huawei S7-951wd (Telpad), the USB charger works, USB pc connection works, but the problem is when i put USB drive in the micro USB slot for on the go my USB drive is not detected and even no led light flashing from the USB. But when I try it to my cousin's Huawei S7-951wd (same brand and model) it works, no problem at all.

So I came up with solution that maybe my USB Drive is not powering that's why it is not detected, so I made a wire connection for the power (Red and Black) to the USB SLOT in the PC and the data from my USB to the tablet, it powered up but still not detected.

Please anyone that can help me? thanks in advance