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Huawei s7 slim wins... my weekend with Nook color, Acer A500 and the new S7 slim

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Mr. Ed, May 9, 2011.

  1. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    I will revisit this soon with a full comparison... but in the end I kept the s7 slim

    in the end..the a500 is going back....the nook color is going back...and of all three that I tried over the weekend...I am actually keeping the s7 slim. The screen though not as bright had much deeper colors and was much crisper. The UI is fantastic and I didn't get all of the choppiness and lag that was present on web pages and videos on the a500.

    the really cool thing about the a500 is that usb port...I could see many people using that for photography etc...but I do caution you...compared to other screen side by side the a500 just didn't display depth and color well at all.

    I also had some issues with wacky things like That wifi issue some are having is really odd...mine may have been doing it as well ..all I know is the screen kept waking...over an hour period just sitting there it would occasionally wake ..then sleep..then wake...about every 10 minutes or so it would wake to the lockscreen for 5 minutes.

    The external sd card cannot be read via a computer, you have to remove it and add etc via a reader

    Stupid Short power cord, and the lack of USB charging of the unit

    Ridiculously bad about finger prints and smudges (I know I know..a screen protector would help here..but this was just out of the box comparison of the three)

    I am sure some of the issue with the a500 will be solved over time if the Devs can get a working recovery on it.

    All three were ridiculously easy to root...but there really is no good recovery option for the a500 or s7 slim yet. I am sure this will be solved over time.

    The rooted nook had a real "neato" factor..but hardly practical for my use. After an hour or two navigating through the menus and hitting softkeys and downloading some apps I knew it would be going back.

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  2. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    Everybody has their own view but besides the craptastic' power supply, most users of the A500 per reviews by users and reviews by media have a more favorable view, to say the least.

    Besides the iffy signal in low bar areas, the A500 rocks.

    The other issues are Honeycomb constraints, sans the bootloader issue.


    The S7 is just as bad a print magnet as the A500 and you must be kidding that the diplay looks better. It is 800x480 and does not in anyway appear better than the A500 display. Seems you got a bad A500.

    Still, the S7 seems a good midlevel device that would be better with higher res display, but is not in the same league as the A500, Trans or Xoom.

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