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Huawei SIM Unlock

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by EMMAUEL, Feb 27, 2016.


    EMMAUEL Lurker
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    any one can help me unlock sim block in my huawei y 200 i tried as much as i can but seems difficult please!
    my phone IMEI is

    Model : Huawei Qualcomm Android phone
    IMEI : ***mod redacted***
    Serial NR. : L3F4CB9272311489
    Firmware : M7x25AV100R001C00B895_AMSS Jun 22 201209:02:38
    Hardware ver. : MSM7225A_U8655 .VerB
    Wi-Fi MAC : 0C:37:DC:07:EB:40
    BlueTooth MAC : 0C:37:DC:07:EB:3F
    SIM Lock status : Locked (PH-NET PIN)

    help me unlock the sim block

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