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Huawei u8150 help

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by aven4d, Nov 5, 2014.

  1. aven4d

    aven4d Newbie
    Thread Starter

    am using Huawei u8150 and it's
    rooted,so i kinda downloaded Rom
    manager and tried to flash
    clockworkmod recovery,after
    doing so,when i went to confirm in
    clockworkmod recovery,my phone got
    stuck in ideos logo,i tried to factory
    reset it via settings but it still
    reboots and gets stuck in the logo,I
    even tried volume up+call button
    +power key and it still freezed in the
    logo,okay the phone functions fine
    but now i can't access recovery menu
    please help anyone who might have
    an idea

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  2. programer

    programer Lurker

    Dont worry, I am going to help you. follow this link and download the stock roms by clicking the place tittled here. http://jehnszegreat.blogspot.co.ke/2013/08/installing-stock-firmware-ideos-u8150.html . Select the roms for your country country. After this do the following
    1. open the zip.
    2. format your SD card
    2. Copy the whole dload folder to your SD card(it has the update app in it.)
    3. Insert your SD card into your phone
    4. turn off your phone and remove the battery
    5. Press volume up + end call and power button. This will work when you try to atleast 3 times.
    6. Make sure your Battery is full before doing this.
    After the update has finished, your phone will auotomatically reboot hence will be as good as new. This is the only cure for a huawei ideos u8150 rooted device, bricked device and some issues with bugs with some custom roms.
    Pease tell me if this has helped you unbrick your phone. You are most welcomed and feel free to ask any other question.

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