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Huawei Vitria Connection Problem

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by burrism, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. burrism

    burrism Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I posted this inquiry in another forum byt got no reply. Thought I would try here...

    On my Vitria with MetroPCS, the service seems just fine. My problem is one that the TMobile and MetroPCS people say is common and nothing can be done about it.
    When I am home, I am always connected to my WIFI network automatically and have no problems. However, when I go out, I am OK until I hit the mall or even Best Buy. Once I approach, the phone begins to indicate no connection and even when I try to connect to the Mall guest Wi Fi, it wont authenticate to their system and I get no service. I have tried every iteration of Wi Fi off-on...data on-off, etc., but nothing. Once in a while, for whatever reason, the phone connects for a while and after a few minutes, goes down. My laptop or iPad with no data service has no trouble connecting to the mall Wi Fi.

    Since I have unlimited data, I would hope that when I am away from my home network, I could connect, but no luck. Most likely that the mall area has poor data connection, but in the past with Sprint, I never had a problem talking and listening while there.
    Perhaps somone who has been there can suggest how to maintain a connection. I have installed virtually every android app related to connecting and maintaining a connection in situations such as mine, but it seems like evey one either does nothing or screws up what little connectivity I have.

    Thanks in advance..

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  2. argedion

    argedion The TechnoFrog

    Welcome to the Forums We're glad you're here :)

    The local hospital in the town I live in Has wifi and I have to actually go on my browswer and accept the terms and agreement before I can use it to check facebook or the Android Forums App. You don't have that kind of thing with the mall do you? Also is wifi physically disabled on the phone or you just cant surf the web. What I mean by physically disabled is can you see that there is no wifi connection available on the phone or does it show a full wifi signal?
  3. You aren't getting much attention on this due to Huawei pushing more and more people farther away from a sale with every cheap phone they release here in the US. I own the 3 newest MetroPCS Huawei devices (Premia, Valiant and Vitria). I haven't noticed any Wi-Fi connection issues on my Vitria yet, but are you saying that if Wi-Fi is left on from your home wireless point, it will not jump to another Wi-Fi connection? Or does the phone lose it's cellular network connection too? I'm not understanding exactly what you're getting at, as you said you're toggling cell data connection :thinking:
  4. burrism

    burrism Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thank you for your replies.

    When I am at home, I automatically connect to my router/network.
    When I am driving around, I am on data and have no problems with calls or GPS, etc.

    As soon as I hit the mall or some other stores, when I try my voicemail, I get the no connection mesage. Sometimes it only affects email and sometimes calling as well as accessing web sites.

    I keep the phone set to use wifi if available and if not to use data. In the mall, the open guest wifi that works with my laptop or iPad won't connect with my phone. As is typical, it wants you to sign in with your email address, but when I try this, it tells me my address is not valid. As I said, my other devices no problem...Yes, I input my correct address.

    I have tried every combination...wifi calling on-off...wifi on-off, but no setting is constant. On occasion it works but mostly not. My Sprint service for 14 years was only cellular and never gave me any trouble.
    I understand that when the mall gets busy with lots of people online, the service can be slow, but I can't even get to that point.
    I even try to punch 'forget' when the mall wifi shows up but it keeps persisting and wants to try connecting.

    I mentioned that I tried many apps that purport to take care of this, but no luck with any.

    The TMobile network that my MetroPCS uses has excellent 4g service so I don't understand what is happening.

  5. Now that I think back on it..... When I initially set my Vitria up, I did so before establishing cellular service on it. I successfully entered my home Wi-Fi password so that I could provision my phone with my Google account. As soon as the account was set up, I received numerous Play Store app update errors, saying no connection failed or something like that, however, Gmail was syncing fine with the same Wi-Fi connection. No matter what settings I tried, I couldn't get Play Store to work.

    I went into settings > backup and reset menu, performed a factory reset and all was fixed. It is a pain in the ass to have to set your phone up all over again, but that may solve your Wi-Fi issue... Another thing to try is enabling your "always-on mobile", in the mobile network settings. Your phone may have a problem establishing any connection after waking up.

    Hope that is of some help to you!
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    ... Thom
  7. burrism

    burrism Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I do keep it set to the always-on mobile.
    I have a complete backup done with Titanium and Nandroid. If I move it to an external source and do as you suggested, do you suppose the backup might work after the reset? I can always root again and I'm not crazy with apps. In fact I rooted in order to get rid of some of the bloat.....and because I could. :D

    Thanks again..
  8. CoryMac247

    CoryMac247 Member

    I keep having an issue with the stock browser saying that whatever page I'm on has become unresponsive. It gives me the option to wait, which does nothing. Or I have the option to exit and close my browser. Its very annoying.

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