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Huawei y550 internal storage issue

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by SpaceClod, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. SpaceClod

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    Hey there, I'm buckled up with quite the problem here.

    I ran into this issue for a long time and always avoided this, but I feel the need to solve this. My Huawei y550-L01 has (probably like many others) internal storage issues. I cannot download any extra content on my phone and even though I have set my phone to "Download files to SD card", that doesnt work.

    Currently, I have only less than 100 mb available on my internal storage (out of the total of 1.55 gb!) and the main reason behind all of this are 2 standard google apps and skype along with their updates. they take up 1.44 gb of internal storage and it's frustrating me because now, I can't even download a single thing without it getting canceled due to insufficient storage room.
    Now compared to my SD card, my SD card has 7.28 gb still available ( it's completely blank, might I add).

    As to what I tried:
    -I tried several App2SD apps, but to no avail. Most say none of my apps can be placed on my sd card and one app oddly said that my sd card was combined with my internal storage (which is not the case).
    - I tried connecting it to my PC, making a backup with the MobileGo app and trying to get most of my downloaded programs to my SD card. Nothing happened.
    -I tried deleting the updates of the standard google apps, but then my entire phone could not function properly (as in surfing on the web) and in order to restore that, I had to reinstall the updates again.
    -unplugged my sd card, put it back in and restart. nothing happened.

    And well, that's basically it. I more or less given up now on trying to scroll through endless of these solutions, trying them myself and having no change as to how my phone behaves in terms of storage. So I come here for help. If anyone knows a solution to this, please help me.

    Any other specifics of my phone (which I believe are of any significance):
    Android version: 4.4.4
    EMUI-version: EMUI 2.3

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