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Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Jan 30, 2016.

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    Tesco hudl2 updated from kit-kat 4.1 ( I ate it) to Lollipop 5.1.
    In photos from home page all photo's are displayed in date taken list, fine but when same area is a different day they are all over the place so I created in 'Collections' an album for each selection with titles name by town/village etc (you side swipe to left to draw into view 'Collections' from the right)

    . I find it easier to show them all in one folder than here and there on the photo's home page because the dates taken are different. For example I have albums in collection for Emaus France, (there was a reason) and another Givrozac, irrespective of date taken, where their is an ancient church famous for its gargoyles. Others I won't bore you with, I've likely done that already.

    Note: they still remain on the home page, but if any are deleted then they are deleted from the album obvious the program reads the home page for the album collections.

    The problem:
    This doesn't seem to be possible in Foto that all video's load to, the folders placed in are all open together, for example six videos for Bob Ross art tuition. followed by six for Len Hend another artist all showing together. I make a folder Bob Ross in that folder there are six folders each containing a video and titled what the video is so when the show you see the title of each of the videos.

    However, what I would like is have them set in separate albums same as photo's where they are placed in their individual albums and not displayed until album is selected. Is there something I'm missing or is it not possible.
    I searched Tesco help and read through the user guide but both appear as useful as a chocolate teapot on this. Just tells you how to load from PC and visa versa.
    Many thanks for your time to both readers and responders.

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