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HUGE BUG: Normal MP3 file won't show ID tag and can't be set as ringtone.

Discussion in 'Music & Media' started by Sephyrroth, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. Sephyrroth

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    Well... huge bug :p I was just pissed when I wrote that title. So, I have this ringtone file, its an MP3 file and can be downloaded from my server here.

    First off, this file originally had no tags at all, so it wouldn't show up in Androids music browser. Then I gave it some tags (using mp3tag), which Android didn't recognize (i use OI filebrowser to play the song) because android doesn't support ID3 v2.3+ (like.. WTF?)

    Then... I changed the tags to ID3 v1 tags, now the music player recognizes my song and shows title, artist and album. BUT: I can press the Menu button as many times as I like... The options for "set as ringtone" and other options do not show up.

    Could anyone pleasee help me? My phone won't bring up the menu for any new song that I put on my SD card, but the songs that were already on the SD card for a bit longer, still work perfectly fine. I have wasted soooo much time trying to fix this :S

    It seems that, whenever you open a file from OI filemanager or whatever, it won't show up the menu functions. But anyways, this still didn't solve the problem. I can't select the mp3 file as ringtone (I tried Tune Selector, RingDroid and others).

    Can anyone notice anything weird about this mp3 file?


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