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[HUGE]ROM Collection Of MMX A75

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Sakib, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Sakib

    Sakib Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter


    *Updated On 8/4/2013

    First of All , STOCK ROM :D

    LeWa - http://androidforums.com/a75-all-things-root/658575-update-lewa-ics-rom.html

    GBSandwich V2 - http://androidforums.com/a75-all-things-root/621675-gbsandwich-v2-now-released-droidpm.html

    GBSanwich 3 - http://androidforums.com/a75-all-things-root/650922-gbsandwich_v3-0-4-rom-a75.html

    Hawk-Eye - http://androidforums.com/a75-all-things-root/637134-new-rom-hawk-eye-alpha-a75.html

    Speria ROM - http://androidforums.com/a75-all-things-root/552140-rom-speria-a75-flashable-rom.html

    Sagarwep 4.0 UI - http://androidforums.com/a75-all-th...-mmx-a752-3-6v-3-03-full-ics-ui-sagarwep.html

    Yonip v5.2 - http://androidforums.com/a75-all-things-root/638338-yonip-v5-2-ics-themed-rom-ported-a75.html

    Gionee GN105 Rooted ROM - http://androidforums.com/a75-all-things-root/522857-rom-gionee-gn105-rooted-rom-micromax-a75.html

    Sense'O'GB - http://androidforums.com/a75-all-things-root/608921-rom-senseogb-micromax-a75.html

    SilverLight 4.2 - http://androidforums.com/a75-all-th...king-tested-silverlight_4-0-micromax-a75.html

    ICS v2 - http://androidforums.com/a75-all-things-root/580700-rom-a75_icsv-2-0-sagarwep.html

    Blue Terror - http://androidforums.com/a75-all-things-root/581334-rom-blue-terror-adprogrammer-developments.html

    Celt ICS - http://androidforums.com/a75-all-things-root/569040-ics-rom-celtics-flashable-rom.html

    Jetmod 3.0 - http://androidforums.com/a75-all-th...project-1st-rom-ota-updates-micromax-a75.html
    Jetmod 3.0 Mediafire Download Link - http://androidforums.com/a75-all-things-root/575901-all-those-who-looking-jetmod3.html

    Colours [Ported] - http://androidforums.com/a75-all-things-root/657711-romlcoloursl-ported-a75.html

    G1 - modifiedroms.com &bull; View topic - [ROM] G1 version 1.0

    Hawk-Eye - modifiedroms.com &bull; View topic - HAWK-EYE ROM for A75

    iPhone ICS - modifiedroms.com &bull; View topic - [ROM] iPhoneICS version 1.0

    FreeDom_v1.1 - http://androidforums.com/a75-all-things-root/670192-rom-update-freedom_v1-1-supersonic-rom.html

    UB-A75-1 - http://androidforums.com/a75-all-things-root/506827-rom-ub-a75-1-a75.html

    UB-A75-2 - http://androidforums.com/a75-all-things-root/523663-beta-rom-ub-a75-2-a.html

    LegoICS - http://androidforums.com/a75-all-things-root/612973-rom-ii-legoice-ii-sagarwep-full-ics-ui.html

    Fly Rom (Stock GB) - http://androidforums.com/a75-all-things-root/669883-flashable-fly-rom-mmx-a75.html

    ROM iOS - http://androidforums.com/a75-all-things-root/671556-rom-i-os.html

    ROM OS'8 - http://androidforums.com/a75-all-things-root/694572-rom-os8-mmx-a75-based-stock-rom.html

    Stock ROM (Themed) - http://androidforums.com/a75-all-things-root/688674-rom-stock-themed-rom.html

    Oppo_real - http://androidforums.com/a75-all-things-root/701561-rom-oppo_real-rom-a75.html

    Galaxybeam - http://androidforums.com/a75-all-things-root/699266-rom-galaxybean-updated-02-04-2013-a.html

    Hybrid&#8482; - http://androidforums.com/a75-all-things-root/703346-dev-rom-hybrid.html

    And Also Please Tell Me If i Missed Any :/

    ^ Will be updated Frequently !! :D

    Enjoy !! ;)

    You STill Diden't hit the Like Button ... !! Did you ? :/
    And also Remember to Subscribe ! :3

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  2. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    Great collection :)
    Makes confusion out of line !

    Btw, Do add the Links to Stock ROM :D
  3. Sakib

    Sakib Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    K ... !! Anything you Say !! :p [You are the Boos] :D
  4. rrajput008

    rrajput008 Lurker

    boss please can you provide me the link where i can download blue terror rom with all the patches & updates for it for my mmx a75 :eek:
  5. aayushdutta

    aayushdutta Android Enthusiast

    Brother, I am the copyright developer of Blue Terror
    shahabazas likes this.
  6. shahabazas

    shahabazas ~*~ Android Addict ~*~

  7. aayushdutta

    aayushdutta Android Enthusiast

    Bro there isn't a download link because the MODS haven't yet looked up at my request to "RE-OPEN" the previously closed thread... :)

    I hope it'll be there shortly! Or else, I'll make a duplicate thread with new links... :)
  8. shahabazas

    shahabazas ~*~ Android Addict ~*~

    Buddy is it possible for you to include the OTAs in the ROM itself as i am facing bootloops when now trying to flash the BT ROM.
  9. rrajput008

    rrajput008 Lurker

    thnx brother but do inform us till when you are going to provide download link for blue terror ...............
    thnx in advance
  10. iswanadi

    iswanadi Member

    woow ...huge collection rom for lovely phone,thanks to all developer for great work.
  11. satyajit2412

    satyajit2412 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for sharing the ROM links for MMX A75. So no need to search every time for available roms for MMX A75
  12. rishi09rich

    rishi09rich Newbie

    no one rom is bug free totally i have tried almost all ...

    factory rom is best for this device only with hug slowness issue
  13. vis_gavi2004

    vis_gavi2004 Newbie

    all of these which is the best and most stable.. i am new to these things..please help.. thank you..

    MAMADNAI Newbie

    till now Rom i os is best, fastest of all, and till now no major bugs!
    vis_gavi2004 likes this.
  15. Nilay_genius

    Nilay_genius Newbie

    I thought i could upgrade my android version by installing custom rom but i was wrong. :(
    The fact is all avail ROM are 2.3.5 apart from "Mmx A75v2.3.6_v 3.1by sagarwep(green)" which is 2.3.6. :p
    I need a custom ROM which is based on atleast 4.0(ICS).
    I hope there is a way to upgrade version.:)
  16. raman00

    raman00 Newbie

    please upload new rom for micromax a75
  17. centaurjack

    centaurjack Lurker

    does any of this rom work with micromax a73????????
  18. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    Dont even try . They dont
  19. shahabazas

    shahabazas ~*~ Android Addict ~*~

    Yes all of the above ROMs work with Micromax A73 but need the boot.img to be changed and also the frimware folder needs to changed with thats of Micromax A73 and in Build Prop the Model number should be changed from A75 to A73.

    Ninad we have used many of the above ROMs of Micromax A73 by porting them do the above stuff so i can confirm that all the ROMs of A75 works on A73 with the simple porting.
    ninadchaudhari likes this.
  20. Nilay_genius

    Nilay_genius Newbie

    yes 100% working all of a75 ROMs on a73 no doubt in it.
  21. Nilay_genius

    Nilay_genius Newbie

    I need new ROM please upload fast stable & functionable ROM.

    tell me if u need any kind of help
  22. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    Thanks for clearing that up for me :)
  23. rajworlddhaka

    rajworlddhaka Newbie

    waiting for new update............
  24. justinemathew

    justinemathew Member

    Which one on the above list of ROMs is a stable one without Camera,Force Close Issues? I tried few of them in my A73 and all of them were having FC issues !!! Please suggest a stable one to try in my MMX A73...

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