I accidentally the whole thing...

OK, so hey now that I got you in here.. welcome, hate, help..

Well I am here to unlock the secrets of the world and saying I only have 678 days left till the apocalypse. I'm going to buy a new phone ... that's right corporate america.

Now to really why I am here .. Im a sprint customer and I want to get a droid, I have no idea what one.

basic things I will use this phone for is a hotspot in my home as I line in the middle of no were and there is no high speed internet right now I use an air card.. and also basic slacker, pandora, texting, calls, facebooking, and nexflix.

oh and I LOVE beer ...

Right now I have a crackberry and i hate it. it locks up all the time with any type of streaming radio and I pull the battery about 5 to 8 times a day and all I do on it is text and call as everything else on it sucks..

SO I come to you droid heads .. what phone should I get .. I really like the idea of a full qwerty keyboard (touch and physical).. the money to buy it is not an issue... im leaning towards an epic 4g

K Thanks Bye
<3 XOXO's and stuff

some will learn to hate me or love me ... just putting this out there on post #1