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Support I am having some extremly annoying issues with my phone help plz

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Jonr998, Nov 24, 2013.

  1. Jonr998

    Jonr998 New Member
    Thread Starter

    Nov 24, 2013
    I just got a used galaxy s4 the other day and am now starting to have some extremely annoying issues. I have never used android os before this phone and have no idea how to fix them.

    1. Touch wiz: I recently reformatted my phone for like the 3rd time and am now having a huge issue with that app. Starting yesterday, two options for this app would randomly pop up (touchwiz home and touchwiz easy) after I hit the home key and will force me to select either one or the other. I tried going into my application manager and disabling it... Nothing. I can't delete it either. How do I fix this issue?,

    2. Default aps. Whenever I try to set a default it tells me to go into my applications manager and reset them. I do and nothing happens... How can I fix this issue?

    For some reason all of like 10 minutes ago all my icon customisations and everything else was rearranged. I have no idea why. Could this have something to do with the first issue I listed? Maybe a virus?

    This is an att phone and I was told it is still under warranty.. These issues something I might have to call att about possibly?

    Some help would be GREATLY appreciated. I love this phone just not the quirks I'm having with it. Also, any recommendations for aps/ useful hints?


  2. Podivin

    Podivin Well-Known Member

    Nov 29, 2009
    Jacksonville, Fl
    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    Regarding (1); if you have more than one launcher ('home' application) on your phone, anytime you press the Home button you're asked which one you want to use as the default. You don't HAVE to choose one, you can keep pressing the 'just once' button and hopping back and forth between the two. However most of us find we have a favorite launcher and we'll pick that one as our default. Once you choose a default launcher you won't get asked the question any more.
    And yes, I suspect that your 'lost' home screen icons are on the other launcher. Press the home key a couple of time and change which launcher you choose, hopefully you'll find the layout that you created.
    Touchwiz Home and Touchwiz Easy are both system apps, you can't delete either one. Choose the one you want to use, simply forget about the other one. :)

    (2) is really very similar to (1). Any time you have more than one app that serves the same function - an SMS app for instance - you are asked to choose which one you want to use for a default. When you do, you get a message that says you CAN go to the applications manager to reset your choice, in the event that you later change your mind. The popup isn't saying that you MUST go to the application manager, it's just a hint letting you know what to do if you decide to use the other app.
  3. Goodspike

    Goodspike Well-Known Member

    Dec 28, 2010
    If you reset your default applications, you're going to continue to get the question of which app to use. To the best of my knowledge, you cannot set an app to be the default absent the situation appearing where the choice is necessary.

    Stated differently, in Windows you can go and select that any time a mp4 file runs that is uses a certain program. Alternatively, if no program has been selected for a file type, it will ask you, and you can select "always use this program" if you wish. For Android it only works the second way--you select the program when the file (or situation) develops, and you can choose "always" to avoid making the choice in the future.

    With Android if you want to use a different program in the future, then you need to go in and reset. Note though if you install a new program or upgrade an existing program, it will ask you again. Thus, if you hit a link for an address, if you have multiple map/navigation programs on your phone (e.g. Google Maps and Verizon Navigation), when either updates you will again need to make the choice the first time you select an address app (or every time if you don't select "always").

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