I am looking for a Upnp app that will allow making play lists


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So the title is pretty clear right? But some more info is always helpful so....

I have been working on setting up the desktop at home for UPnP and everything is going great but for a couple of small problems. I cannot seem to find a free app that will allow me to make a playlist. The device is old and not supported by Kodi (which would work). Plex wants a fee, and I haven't had any success with Bubble UPnP. I also just can't seem to get VLC up and running. I know it will work, but my configuration skills are apparently not up to par.

I am currently using a free version of MediaHouse, but they want a fee for the playlist feature.

If anyone knows of a free app that will fit the bill I would appreciate hearing about it. Thanks


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It's not clear to me what you're trying to accomplish. What do you mean by "desktop"? A desktop PC? What's the device?

If you've got an old desktop PC that you're trying to remote control or stream from, consider MediaMonkey.
  • MediaMonkey for Windows (MMW) is a free PC program that's a great media player. It's also a great media manager that can make playlists, edit tags, export playlists, etc. It has a built-in UPnP server that other devices on the LAN can access. It can also stream from other UPnP servers on the LAN.
  • MediaMonkey for Android (MMA) is a free media player that can make playlists on your phone. It can stream from a UPnP server. (I can't remember if if can act as a UPnP server but I doubt it.)
  • MMRemote is a free Android app (please donate) that lets you control MMW, via WiFi, including playing its playlists, or queuing up your own music/video playlists. (You can also control volume.)
All three programs/apps can run on old hardware. I can run MMA & MMRemote on my old 600MHz ARMv6 LG Optimus smartphone.

So for example... You could have a PC with music and video content (which may also output video and audio to a TV & stereo). If that PC had MMW installed, then:
  • You could remotely control that PC/MMW from your sofa (or your backyard) using MMRemote on an Android phone (so that you could watch video or listen to music).
  • You could also have that PC/MMW stream media from a UPnP server/NAS.
  • You could have that PC act as a UPnP server so that it could feed media to a UPnP-smart-TV or an Android/MMA device.
FYI: MMW & MMA can sync to each other over USB for free. If you buy the premium version of MMA ($3.99), you can also sync over WiFi. Syncing can be set up for specific folders/subfolder, and can be bidirectional or one-way in either direction, as you like.
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