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I am really confused

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by mscheaf, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. mscheaf

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    This is my first "smart" phone and after 3 days I am more confused than I as the first day. I can't believe how counter-intuitive this all is. So I just don't get contacts. I just want to put a contact into my phone with a phone number like the old days. My Samsung manual is a joke. Is there some good info somewhere about how the contacts system works. I can never seem to get all of them to show up at once. The display options are confusing. I can click my gmail account and it shows some contacts or i can click facebook and it shows some others. But like I said, I don't want these contacts associated with facebook or gmail. Im not even sure why it is doing this. Just want normal contact with a normal phone number not synced or connected to any random other accounts i have. Is that not possible?

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  2. Optid

    Optid Well-Known Member

    To remove your Facebook and Gmail contacts open contacts, click menu. You should then see "Contacts to display", click this and you will see a list of accounts, select which ones you would like displayed in your contacts.

    The easiest way (imo) to add contacts is to open the dialer type in the number you want to save and then click the add button in the bottom left corner.
  3. Mayhem

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    U'r on the way :) will get used soon~
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  6. iowabowtech

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    The way contacts are handled varies by the Android version you are on. It's becoming more user friendly as Android advances. Back on Eclair, Froyo and even Gingerbread, contacts could become a PIA. ICS has improved upon the whole "phone" contacts vs "Google" contacts discrepancy.

    Trust me though, contrary to your wishes, you DO want all your contacts to be synced via Google. If anything ever happens to your phone or even if you change your phone, your contacts will always be there for easy retrieval. They are then associated with your Google account vs tied only to a specific device so no matter what Android phone you own, once you sign in, your contacts will come streaming in from the cloud.

    So the best thing you can do IMO is to get all your contacts set up as Google contacts. Depending on which Android version you're running, this can mean deleting duplicates or coverting them from "phone" to "Google" contacts. Once you get this ironed out however, it's worth the effort.

    On an Android phone, you need to embrace Gmail if only for the contacts portion of it. When you log on (via PC) to your Google account, it affords you extra options to delete duplicates which can save you time instead of trying to right the ship from your phone alone. Again, the contacts thing is getting better as Android evolves but in past versions, it has been a weak point that involves extra work on the user end to get everything shored up.
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