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I am so disappointed... i trusted HTC.. wrong.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by felixjws, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. felixjws

    felixjws Guest
    Thread Starter

    so,.. i got my new fancy HTC desire HD a mth ago.

    frm like a week ago it's been keep turning off randomly and became more frequent..
    it used to turn it's self back on; but...yesterday it died..never came back..

    today i went to vodafone store and they sent it to service centre to fix it.
    but i doubt they can actually fix it..

    does anyone actually noe what is the problem?? any HTC hardware genius here?
    it's not a battery or a charger problem. im sure of that.

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  2. yoovi4u

    yoovi4u Newbie

    Well I have been using this phone for the past two weeks. After I installed new softwares on it,it has started to reboot once in a while. Also its getting little slower than how it was on the out of the box condition.

    You can try freeing out some memory and clearing out cache and junk.
  3. ventovr6

    ventovr6 Newbie

    Mine shut down when using the camera the other day and the only way I could restart it was to remove the battery. I hope they have a fix for this up date soon its getting on my wick.
  4. yoovi4u

    yoovi4u Newbie

    I really wonder whethr the phone uses the full 786 MB of RAM. It gets slowed down,getting rebooted and what more..!! I think I'll root the phone soon and flash for a custom ROM..
  5. ADTC

    ADTC Member

    I had the auto-reboot problem once or twice. Overall I've been using the phone for a few months now the experience has been smooth except for occasional quirks. When I find that the phone is slowing down, I'll immediately (save any unsaved data then) restart the phone.

    Usually smartphones slow down if they have been kept on continuously for over a week or two. I'd recommend you to restart your phone at least once a week (if you're not the kind of person who turns it off completely at night (and by which I do not mean fastboot)).
  6. dijon

    dijon Member

    I get the random restarts about once a week or so. usually, its when I'm using the music player or camera - but occasionally it'll just do it when I'm using the web.

    It's annoying, but usually the phone just comes back. It isn't overheating, which is what I originally thought it might be.
  7. dbareis

    dbareis Newbie

    I love it how sence restarts and displays "Quietly brilliant" while producing the loud sound that wakes me up nearly very night :-(

    I think the issue is related to the apps2sd corruption and the auto unmounts of the sdcard. Obviously sense is doing something early morning as its always around 1-5am never during the day.

    This happened on 1.32, on 1.72 firmware and its sounds like HTC pulled the 1.75 release also, they don't seem to be able to build reliable phones. They crippled contacts (no custom phone number types etc). 1.72 killed the GPS (I'll revert firmware soon). So many things wrong software wise. Looks like another phone manufacturer off my list for the next phone.

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