Root I backed up after rooting, phone screen is black


May 25, 2011
So after rooting my phone and it worked fine, i went to do a back up. I turnd off the phone got to the white screen, went to back up and clicked that, it went through sucessfully. i went to reboot and it went to a black screen and nothing happened. It is stuck at a black screen with a green light blinking on the top. I waited a while then took the battery out. It seemed to boot up fine, i got to where i could interact on my front screen then suddenly shut down and went back to the blinking green light on the top...any help would be great thanks
do a battery pull and press and hold power+vol down. this will get you to recovery. what recovery are you using and what did you use to back up your rom? was it rom manager by chance?
i did the press hold to get to the white screen, went down to recovery and used that. It said clockwork recovery on the screen when it was backing up
ok when i go to the white screen it freezes for a second and has green letters come up. i couldnt see them all but it said something like no sd card no image
ok when i go to the white screen it freezes for a second and has green letters come up. i couldnt see them all but it said something like no sd card no image

that is just hboot scanning for an img file. that is normal. from there you should have an option for recovery. select that.
ok did the recovery option and it went to the HTC white screen like it was going to load, then vibrated 3 times and went back to the black screen with a flashing green LED
well ok so sounds like something happened with your recovery. you can get into hboot(bootloader) which is a good thing. so what we need to do is now get you a working recovery. here is what you need to do: this file;
2.just delete the "_RA_2.3" part of the name so that is named PC36IMG. do not add an extra .zip as windows hides extensions
3.transfer the file over to the root(no folders) of your sd card. in this case you may need a card reader
4.power off or pull the battery and hold power+vol down.
6. this will get you to hboot and it will scan automatically for the PC36IMG file.
if all goes well you should have a new recovery. from there you should reflash your rom and make a nandroid backup.
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I just turned it back on, it booted fine this time, loaded everything normal, i got to my home screen and switched between a few screens, once i clicked on something it vibrated 3 times then went black and a green LED is
cyaniarb? whos dat? the tiamat dev? anyways, im just a proponent of whats been working well for me. Ive tried tons of roms, let em run for a couple days, and i always revert back. Besides the time spent on making my phone exactly the way i like it, it just seems to work better than the alternatives, albeit verly slightly in some cases. Its just that i have yet to fine something thats superior. I know results vary from phone to phone, but still... I guess i dont hafta be such an advocate of this combo since others also seem to be, but i like to give credit where its due. SO THERE!!!! LoL and its my cash sow, YOU CANT HAVE ANY!!! jk ;)