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i-Blason cases

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by stridermt2k, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. stridermt2k

    stridermt2k Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I wanted to share my experience with i-Blason as a company:

    I bought three cases from them on Amazon for the Sero 7 pros my wife and I own.

    Since then the plastic clip on one has broken and we've discovered that there is a cutout missing for the camera sensor in the others.

    The case with the cutout missing has been fixed -we preordered so we got the first batch with the flaw.

    Yeah this is a pain, however when I contacted them through Amazon's return process first thing in the morning they had three replacements in the mail already with tracking numbers by the time I got to work!

    Not only is this company making the best cases for this tablet right now, but they back what they sell 100% which is a breath of fresh air nowadays.

    Here are links to those cases:

    Amazon.com: i-Blason i-Folio Slim Hard Shell Stand case Cover for Hisense Sero 7 Pro Inch Android Tablet with Elastic Hand Strap (3 Year Warranty) (Black): Computers & Accessories

    Amazon.com : i BLASON For Hisense Sero 7 Pro Android Tablet Leather Case Cover (Elastic Hand Strap, Multi Angle, Card Holder ) With Bonus Stylus 3 Year Warranty (Black) : Computers & Accessories

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  2. Tadb123

    Tadb123 Newbie

    I agree with your comments. I got one of the first cases for the sero pro 7, and returned it a couple of weeks later because of the missing front proximity sensor hole. I purchased the through Amazon and they promptly got with i-blason and I was issued a RMA later that day. I returned the case by USPS Priority mail costing about $5. A couple of days later I received an email from i-blason indicating that they had received the returned case, and I would be receiving a full refund plus my shipping expense. I actually liked the case very much, but I'm going to go without until I can find one with a 360
  3. someguyatx

    someguyatx Well-Known Member

    I got the hard shell case and the clip broke after a few days. Other than that it was a pretty nice case. I saw similar comments on most of the amazon reviews so I returned mine for a refund. I ordered a i-Unik case today will post again after it arrives. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00D3MPRDC
  4. rokr

    rokr Lurker

    I have the soft folio case on mine and it is awesome. Great snug fit and all ports/buttons easily accessible. All in all, a great case. However, their screen protector is cut out backwards, the camera hole is on the top left corner rather than the right. I didn't install it backwards for the record. I've installed dozens of protectors on every type of phone/tablet/etc. One side strongly clings to the tablet glass. It's also a fingerprint/smudge magnet and is highly glossy. I hope they come out with a matte, anti-glare protector.

    Other than those few gripes, I'm glad this company makes accessories for our S7 Pros.
    On a side note, I needed a keyboard for typing ease. Walgreen's carries the iHome Bluetooth keyboard for $19.95. Cheap construction but solid performance. It is extremely flat and is rechargeable via a mini USB cable. Been using it for university for 3 months now, loving the versatility of using my S7 as a pseudo laptop for notes and papers. The keyboard is slightly smaller than standard but was comfortable enough to type a 10 page paper with ease.

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  5. pa_cap

    pa_cap Member

    I just got my Poetic case from Amazon-had one for over 2 years for my Thrive. The first one sent was for the Lt model but the replacement is now in hand. I got mine for $9.95 but due to the mistake by Amazon and a shipping glitch by their vendor, I got $6 off. It fits perfect-cut outs for all things needed -even speakers, is lightweight. My only (minor) complaint compared to Thrive case is that the magnetic latch won't hold. This is probably because they added needed extra stitching for business card/misc items slots and 2 slots for micro sd cards. Also, it has a loop for a small stylus and an elastic band with PU leather to hold in portrait mode. The elastic band goes around to the front and can be used for more secure closure. Nice item, well made.
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  6. qazzy2004

    qazzy2004 Lurker

    I've purchased a few Poetic cases for various tablets and all have been a perfect fit and high quality...especially considering the low price. I would recommend Poetic cases to anyone. Yes, the "new" way of securing the cover closed is strange, but, it works well and is only needed when I stow the tablet in my briefcase or the trunk of my car. Otherwise, it stays closed just fine on its own.
  7. pa_cap

    pa_cap Member

    After they sent me the wrong case (for a Hisense Lt), they actually sent me 2 replacements by mistake. My comments were on the 1st one (now a spare). The second has a stronger magnetic latch and I am 100% satisfied with it.

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