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I bought an EVO today...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Robinelli, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. Robinelli

    Robinelli Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I just thought some of you might like a run down comparison. I still have my Vibrant. I have a decision to make!!

    Here are the pros for each:

    Much better screen resolution and more vivid colors
    Contact list is MUCH nicer! Pics display clearer and there is a nice left swipe to msg right swipe to call- not sure I can live without this now that I've had it
    Swype comes installed
    Better photo quality
    Better video quality
    - The photo/video were better even though the megapixels are higher on the EVO and it has flash on its camera! Weirdness. Also online the camera was rated better on the EVO, but I have not had that experience.

    GPS works fabulously
    Sprint Navigation -free
    bigger screen
    Free Sprint TV
    Front facing camera
    Cool weather clock widget
    The radio player widget works
    4G if you have it in your area

    So that's it for now. I was all for the Vibrant hands down earlier today. Tonight it is a tougher choice b/c the EVO is growing on me. I still think ultimately I will stick w/ the vibrant b/c it is smaller. If I were a guy I'd probably go with the EVO b/c I'd have bigger pockets. There's also a lot of "guy" stuff on the phone like ESPN things, football stuff, NASCAR junk, sorry I can't elaborate on those things, I'm not going to open it for you ;) But I am sure it is very entertaining.:p

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  2. damewolf13

    damewolf13 live~laugh~love

    They are both great phones, so it really comes down to personal choice, but beware, that Evo will grow on you.:p
  3. Robinelli

    Robinelli Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I know, it already has!!! I was wishing earlier that I had never picked it up from the store because now I am torn!!
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  4. Mark27

    Mark27 Member

    Lol good to know that at least one phone that works perfectly is almost as desirable as are gimped phone that will be fixed.
  5. SamsungVibrant

    SamsungVibrant Android Expert

    Robinelli, are you getting a service contract with all these phones? If so that requires a credit check each time. You got the Vibrant, iPhone and now Evo, which is totally awesome, I love that you are doing that, but I'm worried for your credit score. 3 inquiries in a matter of two weeks, I would have a heart attack if that happend to my credit. I freak out if my FICO goes below 800. For the sake of your credit score, don't add a 4th inquiry please.

    Love ya though, you crack me up, maybe you can do a review video of all 3 phones.

    P.S...if you don't want your credit messed up, dont get a service contract, no credit check required. Just pay full price for the phone, test it out, then return it.
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  6. perpetual

    perpetual Member

    Didn't you also try the iphone 4? Why are you so indecisive? Lol.

    I also had an evo 4g, a droid x (which I still kinda have) and now the vibrant. In my opinion and for my overall usage, the vibrant is the best out of the three. They all have pluses and minuses. Besides the screen and that from my experience, the vibrant was smoother than the others, I see more potential in this device. I see the droid x as a close second and the evo as a third. You couldn't go wrong with any of them though.
  7. noonehereyet

    noonehereyet No One...

    just as an FYI T-mobile HSPA is faster and in more locations than sprint 4G....
  8. Robinelli

    Robinelli Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Well Samv, I really didn't think about the credit thing >.<
    I did buy the Vibrant straight out. Did get a contract with AT&T that I cancelled same day and now a contract with Sprint. So that does make 2 credit checks. Yuck. Thanks for the heads up. I am definitely done phone testing after this. I've been pretty obsessed with phones lately. All of that will change in a week tho when I go back to school. I will have no free time to be playing around with anything :( LOL
  9. kbohip

    kbohip Well-Known Member

    I think the 4G's a really cool looking phone. I actually like the way it looks better than the Vibrant. The biggest reason I'd never go with the EVO is the cost of the service. For example, 4G service isn't available in my area but I'd still have to pay the extra $10 a month for it! We are on the T-Mobile family plan that gives us 750 minutes a month between all 3 lines plus unlimited data and texting for $115.00 a month. Sprint doesn't offer a family plan under 1500 minutes so we'd be spending $149.99 a month. It works out to $129.99 plus an extra $20 a month for the 3rd line! This doesn't include the extra $20 a month we'd have to spend to get the 4G data plan that's not even available yet in our city. This made the decision EASY for us.:D
  10. Robinelli

    Robinelli Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    We have the even more plus family plan and it is 69 a month (a piece) for unlimited everything on tmo.
  11. SamsungVibrant

    SamsungVibrant Android Expert

  12. Robinelli

    Robinelli Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I saw it. Thanks for the info. Really the only draw is the free tv that I could watch while exercising at the gym. I love everything about this phone. I've been with tmo a long time, too, and don't really want to leave them. I am glad I tried the evo. It is awesome. I had a nice rendezvous with it lol. I just feel more at home with the vibrant. I take a lot of pics of my kids so the camera quality is a giant factor for me. I don't like lugging a camera everywhere. I am not too worried about the gps. It has worked well enough. Quirky but it works for me.
  13. SamsungVibrant

    SamsungVibrant Android Expert

    BTW the sprint tv is actually short clips of shows, its not full episodes. Also you can do the same thing using youtube, or the upcoming mobitv on vibrant
  14. VegasTouch

    VegasTouch Android Enthusiast

    We have a widget with ours that has the short TV show clips. TV.com it is called. MobiTV is cool but it isnt worth $9.99 a month after the 30 day trial is up.
  15. SamsungVibrant

    SamsungVibrant Android Expert

  16. pattywak

    pattywak Member

    My friend got an Evo and I was able to get my hands on it and try it out a little while before I got my Vibrant, and I have to say the screen is way too big on the Evo (and the Droid X, since they are both 4.3) The Vibrant's screen is a perfect size for me.
  17. VegasTouch

    VegasTouch Android Enthusiast

    Agree, i dont like the 4.3 size phones either. Too big.
  18. pattywak

    pattywak Member

  19. Robinelli

    Robinelli Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I would also like the option of an extended battery.
  20. So-Low Da Don

    So-Low Da Don Android Enthusiast

    But when the Epic 4G comes out... its going to be... Epic!!
  21. VegasTouch

    VegasTouch Android Enthusiast

    It will be nice but for me there is no need for a keyboard when you have a virtual keyboard with swype and voice to text. Just makes the phone bulkier.
  22. So-Low Da Don

    So-Low Da Don Android Enthusiast

    Actually on SprintTV some channels are just clips but other channels are full episodes and live Tv and if u buy TV xtra, you get more on-demand full episodes and live channels, which is good if you dont have cable
  23. So-Low Da Don

    So-Low Da Don Android Enthusiast

    I feel the same way but all the features overweigh it
  24. 30glock

    30glock Newbie

    Wow you did a great job over there, When Robin asked which phone she should stay with, They should have been honest and basically said the Vibrant is a better phone period. Yo you killed them overthere and I will be your witness it was self defense. LMAO, Good Job though.
  25. floepie

    floepie Member

    When someone checks your credit, it is not necessarily what is known as a "hard pull", which is what is required for credit cards, loans, etc. It is only the hard pulls which can very temporarily lower your score. I would doubt that opening up a post-paid account would require this hard pull with resultant credit score hit.
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