Jim here

May 27, 2011
I purchased the new Samsung i9100 Galaxy S II from Negri Electronics few days ago. I got it in my hands in exactly 1 day after order. I was giving shower to my flower and my dream phone fell down from my hands. Thanks God that its screen is saved. But there's one problem. The handset is not charging anymore. I'm sure that this is not Negri Electronics problem because I've purchased more than 3 handsets from Negri Electronics before. All were in the best condition with cheap price tags and exclusive customer service. Now what should I do? Wait for someone on this forum to tell exactly that what the problem is or send it back for a warranty claim. I hope that I can claim a warranty!!
So you let your phone fall in the commode? Is that what I'm understanding?

Anytime you get ANY electronics wet, the first thing to do is make sure it's powered off, remove the battery, and put the entire thing in a bag of uncooked rice (seriously). That doesn't always work, but rice will remove the moisture and, if done in a timely manner, can save the phone from permanent damage.

If you didn't do that though, you're pretty well screwed, unless you purchased insurance from somewhere. The warrenties on phones nearly always exclude water damage, and there are those lovely dots inside the phone case that make it clear when the phone has suffered from water damage.

Now...if you mean something else by "showering the flower", and you just dropped your phone and it isn't water damaged...then the warranty *may* cover it. Negri will probably refer you to Samsung though, would be my guess.