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I can only hear my own voice during calls.

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Aug 2, 2013.

  1. Android Question

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    I have a samsung galaxy note thats about one year old now, but since yesterday i've had a problem.
    when I answer a call i can only hear my own voice and not the other person.
    my sim card is only a year to so i dont think thats it.
    i've read that it could be the network,
    (i live in sweden and i have telia)

    i'd really like some help here, i dont wanna hand my phone in to fix it, because frankly i really dont wanna be without it =/

    what should i do?

  2. divinebovine

    divinebovine Android Expert

    Welcome. I don't know for sure how to solve your problem but hopefully I can help.

    You can try powering it off and then rebooting it. That may help.

    If it's not a big inconvenience to lose ALL your data and settings you could boot to recovery mode and restore to original factory reset state:
    Turn off your device. Press and hold Volume Up+ Home + Power buttons simultaneously while turning the device On. Select the option that says wipe data/ factory reset.
    That might fix it.

    Hopefully someone else can chime in with better ideas.
  3. RawlingsSc

    RawlingsSc Android Expert

    Another thing you could do to narrow down the problem would be to try using a headset, either wired or bluetooth. That would determine if it is the network, or the phone's speaker. You could also try using speakerphone if you don't have a headset and it uses a different speaker.

    Hope this helps!
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  4. SolApathy

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    Hello and welcome to android Forums. My name is SolApathy & I will also be assisting you with your question submitted through the guest
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