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I can see the last screen used

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Fish270707, Dec 31, 2013.

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    Hi all, new to this Tab malarky but very impressed so far with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8incher, two main issues I am finding is :-

    when changing from one thing to another wether it be a game or gogle or any App, I can see an image of the last screen I was using, almost like a ghost of the last screen. It is a bit annoying at the mo as I have tried changing the brightness and contrast but it is still no better. No 2 issue is that the picture quality is a bit pants! I have bluetoothed some pictures from my Blackberry to my Tablet and although the quality on the Blackberry is fine, it is no where near as good when viewed on my Tablet. Just another point, I have a very fast flickering of 2 small lines towards the top of the screen, as if the processor is working away, I am not too sure if these should be there. I hope you can help with my issues.

    Many Thanks Fish


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