Help I can't download google play services.


Google Play Services

So I know there are many forums about this problem, but the don't help. I've tried basically everything. I don't want to tell my parents because they would just yell at me because I got the phone just 5 months ago. If there's anything I can do without totally killing the phone or any important files on it please help.


How did you lose it in the first place anyway?
And what phone model do you have?
Hi I made the original post and I have a droid mini. I didn't lose anything it just won't let me update Google play services. (Google +, Hangouts, Motorola Connect, VZ Navigator) I've even tried updating them separately but it just doesn't work
I had the same issue with my phone too by I resolve.
I figured out I had so many apps downloading and updated at the same time.
Go to play store >> My account >> My apps and games.
Stop all the downloads. I think this should work. It worked on mine


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connect WIFI,go to settings>storage>apps scroll down for google play services tap on this and tap on uninstall updates.
Finishing this open G+ app or google map it will prompt to update play services,tap to update.other option is tap to uninstall updates.
finishing this open chrome browser and type in google search box "google play services update" hit and see
in next page google play services icon tap here and in next page tap in play store icon,see notification for play services
update,tap to update.if not updating > uninstall updates,
finishing this open chrome browser, in google search box type "
play/services/ " hit and see in next page latest version of play services tap on this then tap on play
store icon,see notification for play services update,tap to update.
Yea I having the same Problem too. I'm using a blackberry z30 please help. With me though it says I need this app to run let's say snapchat
Or clash of clans
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i'm having slightly the same problem however i'm not having a problem updating, only installing apps and games. The error message i receive is: "Game Name" can't be installed on USB storage or SD card. Try again, and if the problem continues, get help troubleshooting. (Error code: -18)