Help I can't download MMS messages

wee jake

Argh, can someone please help before I go mad.

I originally started to get this problem about 6 months ago with my HTC Desire. I used to be able to receive MMS messages and then all of a sudden whenever one came into my messenger it would display "cannot download file, generic network failure".

I've been dealing with vodafone by phone and they suggested putting my sim card into another phone and trying it again. It worked and I got the MMS no problem. I then tried it again in my own phone and it still didn't work.

I then went into a vodafone shop and they couldn't get it to work either so they sent my phone away for repair. When I got it back they said it was just needing a software upgrade and was fine. I got a friend to send me another MMS and it still didn't work.

About a week ago I got a Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the same thing is happening with it. Argh!!!!

This presumably means it's not the phone that's at fault and it can't be attributed to HTC or Samsung alone.

I've tried clearing the data in my messenger app, I've tried installing alternative messenger apps but nothing works and I'm going insane!!!!!!

Can anyone suggest anything as Vodafone are no help at all.:mad: