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Dear all,

I am having a problem and I have checked all the settings in Android and could not find a solution. At work, every time that I connect to the WiFi, a window pops up that requires a username and password (which I cannot change). The passwords are generally quite complicated so it is difficult to remember. However, I cannot find a way to save that password in Android so that I do not have to type it every time. In my previous iPhone this was not an issue (I also had to dig a bit to solve it though), but I have no clue how to do it in Android.

Any help? Thanks!


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This might not be true in your case, however, this generally occurs due to corruption of certain file/files that are responsible for saving Wi-Fi password information. Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge you need to root your phone to access and delete/re-create these files.

The other alternative that should work is a hard reset and one that could be simpler and safer than rooting your phone.

Before you try either of these 2 alternatives, try clearing your system cache, though I doubt if that would solve it. Also if you have any Wi-Fi linked apps, try uninstalling them.

Hopefully someone else can suggest a better and simpler solution.

Many thanks. Yes, this looks a bit cumbersome. Let's see if someone comes up with something simpler!


Is this a landing page that appears when you connect to the WiFi, the browser pops up and you have to enter your login credentials? And presumably the stock Samsung browser doesn't remember them. Try using a different browser like Chrome, i believe that can remember login details.

However might be worth you speaking to your works' WiFi admin, see if they have any suggestions.
Does the mobile recognise the work network as one it has seen before? If so, is there a "Forget" option? I find that using that can recover the ability to get the device to remember login details.