Root I can't seem to install clockwork mod. Help me understand.


I tried to install clockwork mod recovery using rom manager, I pick my model (motorola defy) and it says:

Motorola defy doesn not have an officially supported clockworkmod recovery yet. have you installed a clockworkmod based recovery manually?

I pick NO. then it says:

Sorry! until clockworkmod recovery is available, rom manager will not work with motorola defy!

So then, after browsing around for clues on how to fix this i found that there was a fix for installing an app called system recovery that was supposed to work in motorola defy.

So then I have installed the app System Recovery. I clicked on "install recovery system" and it gives me the message the it was installed successfully.

But after this I don't know what to do? Does this mean I have installed clockworkmod recovery? what do I do now? I don't understand what to do and I have been looking for solutions, but they don't explain my case and what to do once I have installed this recovery system.

Please help.
Thank you.