Help i cant use my sd card's memory always puts stuff on internal memory

i just recently acquired this Samsung Admire and it has become quite a hassle to try and get the apps or any other kind of things and it always goes directly into the phones internal memory and i cant seem to find a way to move it to the sd card and now i cant download anything and the phone has a notification constantly pooping up saying i dont have enough memory space now if someonte where to help i would be very thankful.

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By default, Android always installs apps etc on the internal memory, not the SD Card. If you root, you could potentially use apps2sd/link2sd. In Laymas terms the latter allows a certain part of the SD Card to behave as an extension of your handsets internal memory.

Alternatively, you can try something like this (folks have had various degrees of success):

Obviously installing the HTC Sync drivers will be pointless, you'd need to use the correct Samsung drivers for your phone.


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That link actually works. I did the whole adb shell and then pm setInstallLocation 2 and it does work by making all the app able to move to the sd card by default. It wont save up as much space as using app2sd or links2sd but it works if you wanna save a little space