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I cheated, played with a Mytouch Slide and Droid X tonight

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Mostly Harmless, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. Mostly Harmless

    Mostly Harmless Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Apr 15, 2010
    New York
    So I got a nice treat tonight and was able to handle two other android powered phones and I thought I would share my thoughts on them:

    Mytouch Slide:

    A friend just got this phone (upgraded from a G1). The physical part of the phone was ok, seem built well enough. I really didn't care too much for the UI. Didn't seem to flow as nicely as Froyo. For example if you wanted to change the wallpaper you had to go through a menu instead of just a long press on the background. I know I am use to the N1 so maybe I would just have to get use to the UI but it definitely didn't seem to flow as nice. Plus the icons were all square and I just didn't like the lay out (again personal preference).

    Droid X:

    This phone actually surprised me in a bunch of ways. First off is the screen. The colors looked very washed out and definitely wasn't nearly as vibrant as the N1's. In fact when you put them next to each other the colors just popped right off the N1s screen, very rich.

    Second the touch sensor on the Droid x was awesome. Much better then the N1's. It was very responsive, reminded me of my iPhone (if apple did anything right it was the touch sensor). Everything was very snappy. Also, to my surprise, I really like the larger screen. It just felt right when I was viewing websites or google maps. I just liked having that extra screen to fit stuff. I don't see a phone going much bigger then this, it's not easy to fit into your pocket. I would like to see how the Galaxy S's 4 inch screen looks and feels. I think that might just be the perfect size.

    The build quality seemed very high on the Droid X. For the first time I think I found a phone that is similar to the way the N1 feels. The backing is metal and feels like the N1 when you pick it up (specially if it's cool out, I like how the N1 feels like a machine). It had a good weight behind it (felt lighter then the N1, I personally like the N1's weight, makes me feel like I got something for my $550). The phone felt solid, didn't hear any squeaks or noises. I always like the built quality of Motorola's (I thought the Droid was also built well). I would like to play with a Dinc to see how that feels, but right now if I had a choice I would like google to use Motorola to build the N2 (I know I am wishing).

    I didn't really study the UI on the X all too much. It wasn't that bad but I think I am spoiled by vanilla android 2.2. I will take stock any day of the week. Overall I thought the X was a very nice phone. I still really like the AMOLED screens over everything else but Apples Retina display (its a nice display, small, but nice). The larger screen is a plus and I look forward to see what companies do with these larger screens in the future. The mytouch slide just didn't do anything for me. I wasn't really impressed with anything regarding the phone. At the end of the night the N1 is still my #1 choice.


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  2. clutchy

    clutchy Well-Known Member

    Feb 21, 2010
    motorola tends to put higher quality components into their phones than HTC... when i got the nexus one i was a little surprised it had a few crummy pieces like oh... the touch screen sensor. A couple of pieces weren't properly aligned... b

    motorola's quality is always top notch and usually they work very well as actual phones.
  3. Hegemony

    Hegemony Well-Known Member

    Nov 25, 2009
    I write about technology for Maximum PC and Tested
    in the Transcend
    I had a Droid for about 3 months, and had it replaced 5 times. The headphone jack on that thing was a piece of junk that broke every few weeks. A friend of mine also had the problem. I talked to people in different areas, and it seems that some regions got bum units, and others didn't. I understand that in newer lots it's no longer a problem, bit it was enough at the time for me to jump ship to the N1.

    While Motorola might build most things solidly, there are exceptions. For the record, I feel like the screen sensor on the N1 is more sensitive than the Droid's.

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