Feb 23, 2012
So as I've said, I'm working on getting gingerbread onto the r910. I'm good with linux, but new to android. I'm tapping all my knowledge to try to make this happen, but I can't for the life of me seem to find the locations of the kernel/ramdisk, recovery, and system image on the phone. There is no /proc/mtd file to work from, so if anyone could tell me where they are, i'd appreciate it very much. Thanks for your help in advance
yeah, i didn't get the java situation figured out, but I'm getting a running start toward building a gingerbread kernel for the 910. If anyone cares to chime in on what exactly I need to do in order to put in the lte kernel module, and what other files would need to be transplanted, please do. That's what's going to suck up most of my time
Unfortunately, I do not always have access to an internet connected box, and the one that is won't load the irc chatroom, due to a java issue. I'll make every attempt to get on and stay on for a few hours tomorrow, and hope to talk to both of you if you're on. I will say that i'm very new to this, and probably don't know all that I should. As far as I can tell, the biggest issue is going to be building a gb kernel for the 910.
for some reason when I click the chat button above, it loads the java browser plugin and crashes