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I cracked the screen on my Triumph.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by heyhaymayj, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. heyhaymayj

    heyhaymayj Member
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    :( I'm so sad.

    It's funny because I was talking to my mom yesterday that I might need to get a new phone soon. I haven't had my triumph a year yet, so this really sucks.

    I left it on my bed and forgot it was there, and then I squashed it and it cracked the screen apparently. The whole screen is blacked out except for the very corners, where I can see the cracks. It's cracked under the top layer of glass. Due to the probs I've had with it the past two weeks, I'm not interested in replacing the screen. I'm ready to part with it.

    So, I need a new phone. I've already checked eBay, but can't seem to win any bids. And I need a new phone, like NOW.

    I'm wondering if anyone here is willing to sell me a phone they have for the VM network. I'm also interested in Boost Mobile too because they have some phones I like. Does anyone know what their service is like?

    Looking for any of the following:
    -Another Motorola Triumph
    -HTC EVO V 4G
    -LG Venice (Boost Mobile)

    Again, I'm not asking for a handout. I am looking to buy used. If it's rooted, that's fine.. but please try to let me know if I need to unroot before I activate the particular device. Thanks.

    Thanks all :)

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  2. Your cheapest option would be just to replace your screen. Im selling my triumph 50$ shipped. Great shape, a few scratches on the plastic housing, perfect screen. It has had a screen protector on it since day one and im extremely careful with my phones.

    Look into the replacement its extremely easy, you can have it replaced in hell 30 minutes after you get the parts.
    There are youtube videos on how to replace the screen which are extremely helpful.
    Otherwise im selling my triumph for 50$ shipped. Great shape, only problem is the scuffed up corners

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