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I desperately need a virtual cash register app.

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by det1726, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. det1726

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    Okay, I don't need a point of sales app because it's unnecessary what I need is like a cash register emulator for android, reason being is I'm a manager at an adult novelty shop in Detroit and my two employees are having overring issues when using the register. What will happen is somebody will bring up 80 dollars worth of stuff and so they ring it up and give the sub total just to find out the person doesn't have enough money and i don't have the time to be walking them through the daily paperwork every night because they do not know how to balance the drawer when they have an overring. I have shown them how to use a regular calculator to get the sub total b4 they ring it up on the register but they both have android phones and so I think if I can give them an app that will do exactly what I want them to do then they will stop screwing up and ill be able to actually feel like I am off work cuz as of now I work Monday to Friday 2-10 pm and all other time I spend helping them, lol I am literally falling asleep writing this so I hope it is easily understood what I need and why.

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