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I developed a nice note app.

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by mugerc, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. mugerc

    mugerc Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi, all.

    since last few week ago, I have been develop a note application for android platform.
    It has been deployed Android Market last week.

    It's really exciting to annoucing a "Leader's Note"
    yes! It free!!

    I hope this application will help your momorize.
    here is URL for "Leader's Note"


    Best Regards.


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  2. barqers

    barqers Android Expert

    Wow that looks very polished! I will definitely go and download this ASAP :)

    Thank you very much!
  3. broads desire

    broads desire Well-Known Member

    apps really nice like the layout and the design .. i will say though:

    can you make the notes into widgets.. so i can place a note on the home screen as some other note apps can...

    it seemed a bit fickle when writing a note i had to use the trackpad to go frm the title of the note to the content.

    could poss look at more ways to take notes aswell.. ie use the camera to snap one. as i can see an option to display the notes as thumbnails..

    also more for aesthetics.. posibly more themes than whats available but obv thats at a later date.

    if this were to include homescreen widgets of notes and more flexibility id def purchase it as it would be worth it

    EDIT: p.s how about external back ups... store all notes to the sd card incase of phone restart. .. or in my case.. new rom being rooted and all
  4. mugerc

    mugerc Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for your feedback!
    we are one man company(me&wife) and feedback like you is valuable for us.

    I have a plan for you mentioned above.
    - Especially "backup" is really urgent requirement.
    - and widget? umm... ok I will considered.
    - when you make a note with a image attachment(via click a image button), then thumbnail layout will be ok.
    - Cursor moving between subejct and content, you just tapping the screen(tap top of content, sorry it's a bug).

    Again, thanks

    from developer
  5. Benjie

    Benjie Android Enthusiast

    Have it interact with services such as Drop Box?
  6. lordofthereef

    lordofthereef Android Expert

    Looks pretty. But why an iPhone in the background?
  7. berky93

    berky93 Newbie

    Lookd good. Although might I recommend using an Android device on the main screen instead of an iPhone?
  8. mugerc

    mugerc Lurker
    Thread Starter

    it's my mistake!
    I will change with android phone!
  9. mugerc

    mugerc Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi, Benji
    Dropbox is cool but currently we only considered sync with evernote.
    Dropbox is not suitable with "Leader's Note".
  10. darrells

    darrells Newbie

    I'll give it a try. I'm constantly in the search of the perfect notes app.

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