Help I do not want to use HTC sync


I absolutely loved my HTC one X since I got it.
But this new update has essentially ruined the phone for me. Besides lots of pointless little settings changes (such as removing wallpaper scrolling.. I like wide wallpapers!) the big issue is

I do not want to use HTC sync manager

I use several computers that are not my own, and can not download HTC sync manager to, nor would I be able to. Even those that I have tried it on, have proved it to be a pointless heavy program that does nothing more than "copy and paste" my files.. which I was doing just fine before manually. On top of that when I did manage to locate my phone in windows explorer manually, the jpegs and videos did not preview. with over 2000 photos taken, it's nigh impossible to tell what I'm moving around now..

How can I view my files on pc as if it were regular explorer folder

This has broken the whole phone for me, and I will have to sell it if I can't keep it as I want..
what's the point of using open source android.. if I'm forced to use their stupid ass sync manager anyway?

please help me out. It's driving me nuts. I don't want to have to "sync" anything. I was happy treating my phone as a separate entity..


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I have found Airdroid solves this problem for me.
Could never get HTC Sync to install properly and unable to view photos through Windows Explorer.

Airdroid allows you to view you photos before downloading, deleting etc.
You can even stream music from your phone with a basic player.
Haven't had a full play with it, but allows me to do what i want.

Hope it helps.


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mount USB seems to have a lot of negative feedback, so I tried airdroid first
It's not as good as I had phone a month ago, but it's miles better than it was this morning.

thanks guys!

but do you know if there's a program like Airdroid that works with a wire? some of these computers I use may not even have a network on occasion