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I don't know why Radio Shack even bothered with the Appointment...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by charlottenian, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. charlottenian

    charlottenian Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Got there @ 6am in Charlotte, there were about 4 others there as well waiting for the store to open. We all went in together when the store opened, the 4 other people, NONE of them had pre-ordered or had any appointment set. The 2 employees continued to process their new phones but never once asked if anyone waiting had an ACTUAL appointment, so I ended up getting out of their by 7:35 which really irritated me considering I made the initiative to pre-order AND make a 6 am appointment.

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  2. JustFrozen

    JustFrozen Well-Known Member

    if you've seen the pictures, there were many many stores that werent like that. i hear yeah it sounds a bit like i waste, but at least you had piece of mind knowing you would get one
  3. abyss5150

    abyss5150 Newbie

    That's TERRIBLE! Shame on them! I got the 1st appt. @ BB for 10A this morning. I'm up, drinking my coffee and browsing the internet painfully awaiting my appt. This post makes me want to get over there now! They better not do that to me, I'll pipe up and let them know I pre-ordered and have an actual appt.
  4. I know, I called Radio Shack yesterday just to confirm my 7pm appointment and to make sure they had the hardware and I was told Oh that doesn't matter just come any time we close at 9pm. :rolleyes:

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