Root i don't know why to do.any help anyone


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So a friend of mine received a shift from his friend. Was told it was rooted. And asked if i could unroot it, so he could bring it in to sprint and put on his contract.

Now as far as i could tell it wasn't. But it would boot loop occasionally. And went boot unless it goes through the bootloader/fastboot screen. When it did actually get to load. Its crazy slow. And after about 2 minutes. If you name it, it probably crashed. The only other thing i really know is that the previous owner connected it to wife, and received some up date???

Its running 2.3.4 and in pretty sure its not rooted. But honestly I've never owned an HTC. So in not 100%

All he really wants is it back to stock.
Thank you for taking your time.


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If it's rooted and on 2.3.4, in bootloader at the top it should read s-off. If it does just run the ruu and it will bring you completely back to stock. I its s-on, then there is no issue taking it to sprint. Since its acting crazy, if it's not rooted you may want to try the 2.3.4 ruu (earlier versions won't work) this will give you a fresh install of Android.