Help I don't want Facebook or Twitter - Can they be removed?


Just like the title asked. I don't use them -I don't want them! I need the space :p

Is there a way to remove Facebook, Twitter and other preloaded garbage that comes with the phone?


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Unfortunately no. :(

They're classed as system apps so even if you root and use Titanium to freeze/remove, the phone won't boot.

Removing these will break any dependancies (ie Friendstream); so, should note that.
They are system apps, but you can remove them if you have root. My phone boots fine and I remove social apps. When removing [with US Cellular and VM USA.. probably with MetroPCS as well but I haven't looked at their file system yet] if you are using ES Explorer or Root Explorer, you will want to remove both the apk and odex files. Easy way remove it with Titanium, it will get them both for you.
No way to remove them if you haven't unlocked your bootloader (s-off) and rooted though.



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Ok, you're talking to a total n00b here. If you'd be so kind, I need the basic things to get and then instructions from there. Is there a how-to guide on rooting, getting Titanium or anything? I'm running on Virgin mobile.


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I've also removed facebook, using titanium, without issue. I actually use facebook a little but was trying to install an older version, since the new one seems really slow. So I have since added it back, but I did reboot several times while it was gone. Will probably axe twitter soon too, though I had read before about people having issues with that. Can't remember where.


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Is there a way to remove Facebook, Twitter and other preloaded garbage that comes with the phone?

Removed, no. Disabled, yes! Check out [S-ON] remove/disable crap from htc

This tool disables HTC bloatware. It keeps taking space on internal memory (APK is still there) but the advantage is that there's more free ram, less background processes and a cleaner app drawer. This way, you should multitask longer and maybe a bit better battery life.
Also device will start up a bit faster.