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I factory reset my phone (HELP!!)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by JessiBaby, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. JessiBaby

    JessiBaby Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I factory reset my galaxy s3 and now I'm in a system recovery <3e> screen, and I don't know what to do. I don't want to mess this up. My phone was running slow, and I had a lot of junk on it, that is why I did this.

    My options are:
    -reboot system now
    -apply update from ADB
    -apply update from external storage
    -wipe data/factory reset
    -wipe cache partition
    -apply update from cache

    In red it says "failed to mount/data (invalid argument)"

    But in yellow at the very bottom it says "data wipe complete"

    When I first came to this screen I selected "wipe data/factory reset"
    Then I freaked.... Please help. Any help will be much appreciated.

    Thank you,

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  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Extreme Android User

    Reboot system now.

    Then you'll find that you have the same phjone that came out of the factory - you've wiped everything you've done to the phone since you got it. (And no, sorry, there's no way to undo that.)
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  3. JessiBaby

    JessiBaby Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thank you so much! I just wanted to be sure.. And yes, I'm aware of what I did :) I did want I meant to do. I made sure to back up prior to the reset, but I wasn't aware of this step. My phone is working great, thanks again :)
  4. Redox101

    Redox101 Lurker

    I did the same thing as the original post, however my problem was not solved when selected 'Reboot System Now.'
    Instead after selecting 'Reboot System Now.' it goes from:

    >Black Screen with the Word "Samsung" circle in colourful circles
    >Samsung galaxy S3 SGH- T999L>
    > the white'T-Mobile 4G LTE' Screen and haven't moved from there.

    There is a continuous wave going accross the white 'T-Mobile 4G LTE' ( seems like the phone is processing some info) but it hasn't moved from there and it has been over 12 hrs.

    Plz help !
  5. javamann

    javamann Android Enthusiast

    Boo to all of you who recommend a factory reset. I did that and have never recovered. I had my phone very handy when driving and now I've lost that and have never been able to sync that again despite all my efforts. Boo again!!!
  6. Madbat

    Madbat Android Expert

    How would a factory reset affect sync? A factory reset after a major system update is almost always the first step in fixing new issues from updating. It clears all data from the old system to prevent conflicts with the new system. If you're having issues try posting what the actual problem is and what you've tried. Maybe someone here can help. :D
    I do a factory reset almost every time I flash a new ROM on my s3 and haven't had any issues. The factory reset may not be the cause of your issue, it may have only been the trigger.
  7. javamann

    javamann Android Enthusiast

    Ur so right...I guess it was a coincidence that after 2 years of syncing with this phone without problems the phone just decided it didn't want to sync in my 5 year old car. I guess it's time to buy a new phone.

  8. Madbat

    Madbat Android Expert

    I was just trying to help bro. It sounds like a bluetooth pairing issue with your car, not a "syncing" issue. A factory reset only clears user data from your phone. Not your car. Your Bluetooth pairings in your phone are gone, you need to go in your car's Bluetooth settings and delete the old pairing. (It needs a new connection) But with a comment like that, I'm tagging out on this one. It's easier when people try to collaborate on a problem to solve it.
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  9. javamann

    javamann Android Enthusiast

    Ur right, Madbat! I apologize. I just am so angry about the Bluetooth fail. I did all that I should and that you recommended and still can't get it. Just did a 1300 mile trip by car without my phone and I am pissed! Please forgive me...mea culpa.

  10. jaymzway

    jaymzway Android Enthusiast

    not saying your wrong here
    i remember I did this once before and brought most or all of files back
    using an older ver of diskdigger from google play store worked like a charm
    even after a format
  11. jaymzway

    jaymzway Android Enthusiast

    lmao pow baby I know I near struck pay dirt on this one so I say :p sticky on this one for sure lmao.....
    phones being 2.0 bluetooth and the newer cars coming out with the facts that your cars OTA has just received an update by either northstar or something like that nature to 3.0 bluetooth capabilities. I would advise A update firmware of just the bluetooth hardware section of your phone should do the fix and start syncing again... :)
  12. javamann

    javamann Android Enthusiast

    U could be right, but my car in a 2009 Infiniti. Not exactly newish!

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  13. jaymzway

    jaymzway Android Enthusiast

    It dont have to be newish thing I would call ur dealer of the car n ask them r u able to receive updates ota ur cars system
    next if so ask them if they sent out any new updates to ur firmware

    if not next thing would be is that most devices will come with drivers installed from with in the mass storage section of ur phone for easy install to computer

    I am wondering if u had synced a newer device to ur car that required 3.0 n ur car was 2.0 could a device install that section of newer device thus making ur cars firmware 3.0 capable?

    Hope this helps the last part I'm speculating on but what ifs lol
  14. Madbat

    Madbat Android Expert

    A guy I work with had a similar problem with pairing bluetooth with a Bluetooth speaker. After factory resetting his phone he couldn't pair with it any longer. The speaker could only pair with one device at a time. He couldn't figure out how to remove the pairing from that speaker. luckily his phone was rooted, he had to restore his backup from when the phone was paired with it then go into Bluetooth settings and remove the pairing. He then did his factory reset and repaired with the speaker. Some Windows computers have a similar problem , you have to be sure and logout of certain account and unpair certain devices before resetting or you won't be able to log back in or pair the device again.
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  15. jaymzway

    jaymzway Android Enthusiast

    Not saying your wrong here
    I can only assume that your confirming over what I'am saying is to be true
    there after factory reset caused your friend to loose the updated release of 3.0 bluetooth of his phone and when he reverted back to his backup it brought the 3.0 bTooth back to his phone which in return allowed him to add his device back in to be recognized ??? :D

    More like 56k dialup Hardware--->Bluetooth v2.0/v2.1 + EDR = Enhanced Data Rate
    This version of the Bluetooth Core Specification was released in 2004. The main difference is the introduction of an Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) for faster data transfer. The nominal rate of EDR is about 3 Mbit/s, although the practical data transfer rate is 2.1 Mbit/s. EDR uses a combination of GFSK and Phase Shift Keying modulation (PSK) with two variants, &#960;/4-DQPSK and 8DPSK. EDR can provide a lower power consumption through a reduced duty cycle.

    The specification is published as "Bluetooth v2.0 + EDR" which implies that EDR is an optional feature. Aside from EDR, there are other minor improvements to the 2.0 specification, and products may claim compliance to "Bluetooth v2.0/v2.1 " without supporting the higher data rate.

    And to me is 2 different capabilities

    More like DSL Hardware---> Bluetooth v3.0 + HS= High Speed
    Version 3.0 + HS of the Bluetooth Core Specification was adopted by the Bluetooth SIG on 21 April 2009. Bluetooth 3.0+HS provides theoretical data transfer speeds of up to 24 Mbit/s, though not over the Bluetooth link itself. Instead, the Bluetooth link is used for negotiation and establishment, and the high data rate traffic is carried over a collocated 802.11 link.

    The main new feature is AMP (Alternative MAC/PHY), the addition of 802.11 as a high speed transport. The High-Speed part of the specification is not mandatory, and hence only devices sporting the "+HS" will actually support the Bluetooth over 802.11 high-speed data transfer. A Bluetooth 3.0 device without the "+HS" suffix will not support High Speed, and needs to only support a feature introduced in Core Specification Version 3.0 or earlier Core Specification Addendum 1

    So if this is to be true would only prove me to be wrong over this UNLESS
    His car was Manufactured Equipped with 3.0 beside the 2.0 / 2.1 for latter future updates ????
    as for you can't change the hardware just by software more less a like a data switching board
    that when his update could have taken it invoked to command to switch to hardware from to??

    ;)I been doing my homework lmao ....
    I refuse to let anyone down....

    I still Know Madbat deserves higher Prop's than I do.. :thumbup::thumbup:
  16. jaymzway

    jaymzway Android Enthusiast

    Could he try navigating on his own through the cars unit itself through
    the screens in the about section and maybe see if there is a update that just taken place by seeing the firmware and do a search on the list provided by dealer firmware online data base for comparison.

    I think then we could better assist him into if having to try and update firmware on the phone or car by a manufacturer dvd install or reverse what had taken place.

    Does anything else you have pair with your cars unit or nothing else at all.
    and does newer devices pair to it or only older devices
    maybe ask some friends that have some devices laying around that can further help on that end

    Madbat you in my book are awesome bro..
    I can never agree with you more on collaborating And KEYWORD: RESPECT OTHERS SUCH AS GUIDES INCLUDED. http://androidforums.com/samsung-galaxy-s3/875816-show-our-support-thank-our-developers-contributors.html
    please let's be fair here, in the end it's just a device a non living thing! We are people with feelings though Members can't see but we have feelings too.. :):(:thinking::mad::D
    I'am only trying to further assist is all and nothing further I see everyone as a team player we all are here for the same thing and that's help..:D
  17. javamann

    javamann Android Enthusiast

    Without insulting any of you wonderful peeps out there who help other enjoy their phones, i present the past few responses as proof that factory reset oftentimes give more problems than it solves! That okay for you all who love fooling around with their phones; but most of us are simple consumers looking for an easy way to enjoy our phones' attributes. Do you really think I would be comfortable going thru the hijinks you have outlined here? My phone had no trouble communicating with my car for the 2 years I've had this wonderful phone; that is until a factory reset! I am now resigned to the present situation.

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  18. jaymzway

    jaymzway Android Enthusiast

    Very well said no harm intended and I'm sure u cleared it up from ur passed posts

    Was not applying this to anyone here just open topic on that:
    Problems exist mainly because no one could hear ones intentions as for being just txt that's why the :D:):beer::mad::cool:;):banghead::(:thumbdown::thumbup:

    Are here to justify intentions n though some may not use them I feel it could result into things that was never intend harm.
  19. jaymzway

    jaymzway Android Enthusiast

    Has anything worked that everyone suggested?
    Has anything u tried seem to get u close or near to ur repairs
    Was there any backups of ur phone ever made? Do you recall any info on the day that it worked for you such as roms rooted build what version of what rom or stock

    I'm not sure if this was ever asked or mentioned I'm doing all of this from a phone with my natural born eye lenses being split so nothing is ever easy I do try my best

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