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I feel so evil and manipulative!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by shadowdude777, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. shadowdude777

    shadowdude777 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I try out apps in the Market a lot, and then I think most of them are rather boring or I'll never use it, so I uninstall them. So when the Market asks me why I'm uninstalling this app, I like to report that "It's defective" because I feel like the developers will see it and go "Oh shoot, we should go touch up that app and release an update as soon as we can!" and thus, the app becomes better.

    I just felt like sharing this with you guys. :D

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  2. kabbie_mcfeely

    kabbie_mcfeely Android Enthusiast

    SO you tell developers that thier apps are broke or dont work just because you dont like them ?

    That is just wrong and hatefull. People like you should be banned from the market.

    Why cant you just leave a comment about what you think could be better about it. Better yet scroll further down the app page and send an e-mail to the developer.

    Yeah that would require you making an effort to help improve the app market.
  3. Although technically it is not defective, there needs to be a button to improve it.
  4. yukongt300ex

    yukongt300ex Newbie

    only people like you can mess up free stuff
  5. hrbib21

    hrbib21 Android Expert

    And how do you feel about it now?
  6. shivers316

    shivers316 Godmember

    Ouch...where as I think the OP is wrong for doing that, let's not turn this thread into one big flame.
  7. hatchetdawg

    hatchetdawg Lurker

    The it's defective option is the least like to inspire improvements.

    It would only have them look through and make sure that the fucntions you already weren't impressed with were working.
  8. ZED_pt

    ZED_pt Lurker

    What they do is search for flaws/bugs in the code...

    Its like you are watching a magazine and they ask why you dont like and instead of saying "i dont like the interviews,the writters are awefull" you say "i dont like the papper and the ink used in the magazine" and they keep the same writters and change the quality of the papper.

    Hopefully most people aint like you and youre appreciation is not valid to Dev
  9. mjschmidt

    mjschmidt Android Expert

    I wish there was an option for "Just not using it". Sometimes I install something to try, and I uninstall it, not because there's something wrong with it, or I don't like it, it might be a perfectly good app, it just ends up not being something I will use. sometimes I download more than one app from the same type to test (i.e. Notepads) and uninstall the one(s) I end up not using.

    I usually now just uninstall from the phone settings > manage applications in order to avoid this.
  10. hatchetdawg

    hatchetdawg Lurker

    The very first option is "I do not use/want this app"

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