I forgot my pattern lock

Yasmin D

Hi! I have an LG Optimous E400 and I set a new pattern code but I forgot it and its asking for my Google Account. I entered my account username and password and it keeps saying "invalid username or password" but I managed to log to Google+ on my pc without issues! I have no idea how to reset it and now it looks like I'm screwed! :dontknow:


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Welcome to Android Forums, Yasmin.

Try logging in to the Google Play Store on your computer(same account as google+). From there, you should see a little gear icon in the top right. Click that, and a menu will appear. Select Android Device Manager. Once it detects your device, select Lock. It will give you a chance to set a new password that will replace your current pattern lock.

This of course, requires that your phone is connected to the internet and has the setting enabled for remote lock and erase.


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yeah.. does your phone have carrier data service? or wifi connected?

when was the last time you logged on this device???