I Give up...

My first evo had light leakage I drove 20 miles just to exchange it and it has light leakage in the same exact spot. Slightly less though. What ever I'm not going to let it stop me from enjoying this phone I got a nice Seidio case and it covers the leakage. Btw I logged in my gmail account and synched everything but my contacts aren't showing up any ideas? And do you guys have light leakage also?


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No light leakage here. Although I dont exactly know how you can have "light leakage". Then again there are different hardware versions.


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1) Yout probably didn't sync your phone to google when you input the contacts in your old phone but instead saved them to phone.

2) Log into Gmail with your computer, if you have contacts that way, it should sync up, you gotta go into the settings > accounts and sync menu and choose to sync the data from the gmail account.

3) I have light leak, it does not bother me, I am on my 2nd phone cause first one had it leak INTO the display, this one is visible in a darker room but it really isn't that bad...