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I got my Black Desire and it's time to mess around

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Dicky, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. Dicky

    Dicky Member
    Thread Starter

    Hi Guys...I got my Desire at long last last night. I'm at work and it's fully charged and I should have a little time to tinker with it.

    When i turned the phone on for the first time this morning, it got me to setup my facebook and google account. All went well and it sync properly.

    Now when i go to my Phonebook....i still everyone on my facebook and I can't remove them....:thinking:

    I would like to maintain my contacts in a nicer way as my fb account has tons of people I do not know due to me adding random people for games :p

    Is there a way I can select which contact to sync over or if this is not possible to turn it off completely but still have Friendstream working?

    Thanks in advance guys...;)

  2. anm00727

    anm00727 Newbie

    Go to the phonebook>menu>view>uncheck facebook

    this will get rid of all your facebook contacts in your phonebook, but if you still want to check their info etc, you can always go to phonebook>online directories (world looking thing)>facebook
  3. Dicky

    Dicky Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks...will give this a try once i get out of training :).

    Any one knows if there is a touch screen alternative to move back a screen instead of pressing the back button?
  4. Dicky

    Dicky Member
    Thread Starter

    Hmm...doesn't work when I go to my phone book > menu all i see are people, call history, speed dial, phone settings and tips.

    I get that option under People though but that doesn't clear my phonebook :S

    Basically, I can customize People to show only the contacts from which Groups I want, IE Sim, Phone and so on

    But I want to do this on the Phonebook, which doesn't seem to have the View Option :(

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