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I hate ZTE ZMAX pro z981!..

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jonesjeremy435, May 28, 2019.

  1. jonesjeremy435

    Thread Starter

    I got ripped off so bad on this one. This phone is always doing something to cause me to have to hard srest and create a new account. I talked with a dude at metro PC's and he said that they were getting a lot of returns on these phones . Something about the third party in the phone is what's causing all the problems. IDK?. I'm buying a new phone in a few days anyways and this one is taking a swim... Anyways, if any one else is having similar problems, drop a line please. Thanks everyone

  2. bcrichster

    bcrichster ROMinator

    I'm seriously not surprised at thos.. I'm very familiar with ZTE devices(Modded Stock ROMs for several devices and built customs for the Warp Sync) and has been an ongoing problem for a long while.. Great hardware, buggy software. Hence, why we were always trying to build ROMs for improvement. ZTE are pretty deceptive as well, they used to (possibly still do) stalk us Devs here in AF and release a stock patch a cpl weeks after a code fix was posted.. Then a complete lockdown of bootloaders made all ZTE so difficult that they weren't worth it anymore. ZTE is pretty much done in the US and consequently most of the world now.. You're doing yourself a favor by ditching that device, may I interest you in Motorola's? They're bootloader unlockable with most Carrier's like BoostMobile, Google-Fi, Metro, Sprint, T-Mo..
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  3. GameTheory

    GameTheory Android Expert

    Though I had a good experience with the Z981, I switched to a Motorola(Lenovorola :rolleyes:). I agree with bcrichster, Moto is much better. I went on the Moto website and easily unlocked the bootloader. The stock android that comes with it is also nice.
  4. Deleted User

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    You coukd always donate the phone to me i take phones fir development purposes

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