I have a Hero, GF just got a Sony Ericsson X10


Android Enthusiast
Jul 9, 2009
Gloucestershire, ENG
I'm kinda jealous, but should I be? After playing with the phone for less than 5 minutes I have the following pros / cons:


Lovely big screen,
Seemingly Speedy interface (but she has yet to clog it full of apps!)
Good camera with adequate flash,
Timescape/Media Scape work quite well,
Feels fairly well made to hold.


No Multi-touch means typing is not as slick as on my Hero,
No Trackpad/Ball/Sensor is actually quite frustrating! I hadn't appreciated how much I use it,
The predictive text does not seem to be as capable as on HTC's Sense UI,
It's not a normal mini-USB connection, yet another fecking cable to have lying around!
Sense UI is actually much better and still retains some little things from the core android experience that the x10 on first glances seems to be too "covered" by the SE rom.

Other than that, she's happy, i'm just glad she didn't get the HTC Desire ;)