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I have a question about the Droid that concerns me

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by 8-Bit-Soldier, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. 8-Bit-Soldier

    8-Bit-Soldier Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    So my question is, how do you "Quit" whatever app you're viewing? Because as you can see in this video: YouTube - Your Motorola Droid Questions and Requests: Part 2 He presses the home button to get out of it, but the app keeps running. Does anybody know this, because I don't want to slow my Droid down. (When I get one ;)) Thanks guys. :)

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  2. phwaap

    phwaap Member

    You don't quit. This has been strange for a lot of us new to android and part of the craze for task killers. The OS take's care of closing these for you as needed.
  3. Hegemony

    Hegemony Android Enthusiast

    Android is Linux based so it is pretty good at memory management. When you need memory, it will kill background apps. You can get a task killing application if you like. I actually use one because I feel like it improves battery life a bit if I kill stuff I'm sure I don't need. Your mileage may vary.
  4. AZDroid

    AZDroid Well-Known Member

    You can press the back/escape to exit apps, and some have an exit option in the menu. Clicking home while an app is running deliberately leaves it running while you go to home and do something else.
  5. Telexen

    Telexen Well-Known Member

    Plenty of Task Managers out there...I use Task Panel because it's free without ads. Don't worry about small applications running in the background, they won't slow your experience or kill your battery life. Worry about applications that like to do stuff in the background, like update info from the internet. You don't have to avoid letting them run completely, but you'll learn to recognize which ones do it right (by letting you set intervals), and which ones should NOT be running while you're not using them because they will update in the background when you don't even need the info updated until you open it.

    Don't let anyone from this forum try to tell you (and they WILL try) that Task Managers aren't necessary because Linux's memory management somehow stops a poorly coded application from using CPU cycles unnecessarily all the time.
  6. admorris

    admorris Member

    I could not agree more. I keep seeing people say that Android is Linux based therefore Task Killers are not needed to keep performance smooth. That is just not true, there is no other way to put it. I uninstalled my Advanced Task Manager just to see if what a lot of people were saying was true, that my system would actually run smoother without it. Well, I found out in about 10 mins. that the information I read was incorrect. My memory was down to 35 megabytes and my system was choppy moving from screen to screen. I quickly reinstalled the task manager and killed about 12 running apps and was back up to 95 megabytes of memory and my phone was a smooth as glass. While Android is Linux based, that does not mean that running or even idle apps in the background will not slow it down. I keep my task manager on auto kill every 30 mins. (all but k9 mail, home++ and sync feeds) and my phone stays running perfectly all day with excellent battery life.

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